Anyone trading or battling on newest pokemon games???

Discussion in 'Legacy Consoles (Nintendo)' started by barty64, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. barty64

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    Im looking for someone to battle or to trade with, preferable trading well here is what i have along with name and friend code on game:-
    Name:- MKBarty
    Freind code:- 0215 8202 6274

    Avilible for trade:-
    Chingling Lv 30
    Sneasel Lv 34
    Bonsly LV 20
    Kricketune Lv 22
    Beautifly Lv 10
    Dustox Lv 10
    Snover Lv 34
    Wingull Lv 21
    Buneary Lv 11
    Budew Lv 4
    Unown Lv 23
    Bronzor Lv 15
    Magikarp Lv 18
    Tentacruel Lv 36
    Psyduck Lv 16
    Buizel Lv 8
    Shellos Lv 7
    Finneon Lv 20
    Sinx Lv 4
    Parchirisu Lv 7
    Pontya Lv 14
    Bidoof Lv 3
    Meditite Lv 28
    5 Onix's at Lv 1
    Onix egg
    5 Wurmple's at Lv 1
    Happiny at Lv 1
    Haunter Lv 36

    if your trading just let me know what you want, what your offering, name on the game and your friend code.

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