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    The rules are simple.
    1. Each member may create a total of six (6) Galleries. That is two (2) galleries per content section. Use them wisely. There is a 20mg limit to each gallery. This may increase in the future.
    2. Ensure that you place your images in the appropriate category. All images are moderated and we will work with you to some extent, but we do expect that people will have enough confidence to self-rate their own work so that we don't have to do it.
    3. Freedom of expression is important, but so is keeping things sane. Remember your audience. Maybe in the future we can host a separate Gallery site that has less restrictions and more opportunities for exposure with the Gaming Industry.
    The use of the Gallery is fairly self-explanatory. Only registered members may have galleries and only registered members may view any category above and including the "Teen" Content Rating.

    Above all, do your best and have fun.
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