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Discussion in 'General Discussion (YGO)' started by LordLight2, Jan 5, 2014.

  1. LordLight2

    LordLight2 New Member

    So I started thinking and realized that we need to get a discussion going... so here's today topic!

    Looking at the current ban list, and thinking of the current format, what card do you think no longer truly belongs on the ban/limited/semi-limited list?

    Magician of Faith just came off the ban list after being on for so long. But why? Simple answer, the format has changed so much that she is just too slow and getting a magic (err...SPELL card..) back from the graveyard is nice, most decks really don't care. So more than likely, we will probably see her up to three copies before too long.

    The card I wonder if it shouldn't come off the ban list is Cyber-Stein. And for those that don't remember:

    Level 2
    "Pay 5000 life points. Special summon 1 Fusion monster from your Fusion deck in face up Attack position"

    Now back in the day, this card was to be feared for it's OTK capabilities. But now? With a limit of 15 monsters in the "Extra" deck and most of that taken up by Excced and Synchro monsters, unless the deck is built for it they don't contain Fusion monsters. And most that are, require them to be special summoned the correct way. The Elemental Hero monsters, Ultimate Axon Kicker, etc. and of course if you're using these monsters, you will have built a deck around them.

    Now of course some current decks DO contain Fusion monsters so Instant Fusion can be used, but most of those are NOT ones you would use for Cyber-Stein and in fact, they are MOSTLY used to get Exceed monsters out faster. So what good is Cyber-Stein in today's current format?

    Well, we could still attempt the OTK, but there are a LOT of cards that could stop that cold. Effect Veiler, Swift Scarecrow, and so many Exceeds I'm not even going to attempt to list them all. What will ultimately happen is, you'll pay 5000 LP's, and then get Effect Veilered. So not only have you paid over half your LP's for NO gain, but you also have a weak monster in attack position awaiting to be attacked. I could see it being mained in some decks at the big tournament level for a little while, but in all honesty, I see it being pushed back to the sidelines and the realms of a fun deck.

    So does this truly deserve to be banned? I don't think so. It is a powerful card, but then again, so was Injection Fairy Lily, Exiled Force and Jinzo, and each of these were limited back in the day. But now they are all at three. Time and format changes altered their usability. As I believe it has for Cyber-Stein...

    Thoughts on different cards?
  2. jinzo64

    jinzo64 New Member

    I'd be interested to envoy of the end come of the ban list to see how it would far in the current format.

    dark magician of chaos would be nice to come of the ban list.

    an interesting idea to see how the banned cards would effect the current meta would to be take them all of the ban list (except for victory dragon to problematic and self destruct button as it can be used for cheap wins)

    but the rest of them being put on the limited list would be interesting.

    another idea a bit off topic limit every card to 1 and see what people can make.
    the idea would make some cards unusable but that's just the way this game works sometimes.

    obvious exclusions again victory dragon and self destruct button.
  3. Digital Jedi

    Digital Jedi Administrator Staff Member

    I was always perplexed that she went on the ban list, in the first place. But I never quire understood the meta right as I was loosing touch with the game.

    Old school BLS? Probably still be tough, but maybe not as broke. CED, on the other hand...broke.
  4. jinzo64

    jinzo64 New Member

    when you say BLS I assume you mean envoy of the beginning and not the ritual monster.

    BLS at the time it was banned was to big and easy to summon and was very splashable in decks all decks as long as it had 1 light and 1 dark BLS was put in a deck.

    CED is still powerful but there are so many different counters that can be used on the field and from the hand.

    it would be problematic if sangan/witch and yata are available but even with those cards it shouldn't be all that game breaking these days.
  5. LordLight2

    LordLight2 New Member

    I think CED is still a touch to broken to come back. I would love to see him come back, but with a lot of new dragons being light and dark, he becomes very powerful. And Chaos dragons are still a powerful deck, just not as consistent as they once were.

    DMOC is another one I would love to see come back, and in truth it might. It's not as overpowered as it once was. But then again, Prophecy/Spellbook would abuse the living hell out of him.
  6. jinzo64

    jinzo64 New Member

    I think I'm out touch with the current meta of the yugioh card game to much to make any good suggestions for cards that would be viable candidates to come of the ban list or any strong reasons why the cards I think should come of the ban list, should in fact come of the ban list.
  7. masterwoo0

    masterwoo0 NINJA4LIFE

    So.... Goyo Guardian is coming off the Forbidden List July 14th. VERY interesting!!

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