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    All, sorry for the basic-ness of these questions but in the last year or so that I've been playing (only against my son) it's not been clear for us and now that the v06 rule book has come out it appears what we originally thought was wrong about changing battle positions.

    What I do know is that Flip Summoning is the act of switching a face-down Defense monster to face-up Attack position and you are allowed as many of those as possible (limited by how many face-down Defense monsters you have). I also know that a monster can't switch from face-up to face-down without a card effect. What I'm confused on is:

    1) According to rulebook v06 monsters can change from either face-up Defense to face-up Attack OR face-up Attack to face-up Defense position during either of your own main phases once. Is this truly ok?

    2) If a monster can switch from face-up Attack to face-up Defense can it do so after attacking? (I would guess no, but I've been surprised before that I'm not looking at things correclty in this game.)

    3) Special Summoning: As long as the card doesn't specify how to Special Summon the monster (i.e. face-up Attack position) am I free to Special Summon it in either face-up position?


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    Doh! ignore question 2). I see that you can't change it to face-up Defense after attacking.
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    1. Don't forget you can change a monster from face-down defense to face-up attack as well. And yes, only one manual position change per turn. You can change the monster via effects though, even after the manual position change.

    2. Ignored

    3. That is correct. And monsters that are Special Summoned are always face-up, unless otherwise specified (ex. Apprentice Magician's effect)
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    I will chain to this question :) I saw few threads here (from 2005)that said you cannot manualy change position of a monster that had it's position already changed with card effect in the same turn, is it still true?

    Example: I have face-up Magician of Faith in attack position, use Book of Moon and now I want to flip it. Is it possible, or not?
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    Per Kenji's link above... you can.

    from the UDE page:

  7. That's long outdated. As long as the monster wasn't summoned this turn or declared an attack this turn, you can manually change its position even if another card effect changed it first (unless prohibited by that card effect like "Curse of Anubis").
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    Great :D I was pretty worried about this

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