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  1. EmeraldFan

    EmeraldFan CoG iTrader

    This is the best Dragon deck I have put together so far. I would love to get some feedback.

    Blue Eyes Shining Dragon
    Blue Eyes White Dragon X3
    Chaos Emperor Dragon-Envoy of the End
    Hunter Dragon X2
    Kaibaman X2
    Luster Dragon
    Luster Dragon #2
    Magna Drago X2
    Red Dragon Archfiend/Assault Mode
    Red Eyes B. Dragon X2
    Serpent Night Dragon
    Strong Wind Dragon
    The White Stone of Legend X3
    Totem Dragon

    Spell cards(18):
    Ancient Rules X3
    Creature Swap
    Dragon's Mirror X2
    Future Fusion
    Graceful Charity
    Harpie's Feather Duster
    Mausoleum of the Emperor
    Monster Reborn
    Monster Reincarnation
    Painful Choice
    Polymerization X2
    Pot of Greed

    Trap cards(10):
    Assault Mode Activate
    Birthright X3
    Cry Havoc!
    Dimensional Inversion
    Imperial Order
    Secrets of the Gallant

    Extra Deck(Fusion Deck:13):
    Black Rose Dragon
    Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon X2
    Exploder Dragon
    Five-Headed Dragon X3
    Iron Chain Dragon
    Red Archfiend Dragon X2
    Stardust Dragon X2
    Trident Dragon

    Number of cards: 50, not including fusion deck
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  2. EmeraldFan

    EmeraldFan CoG iTrader

    Improved dragon deck, please is anyone out there? I would love to hear some critique.
  3. Anything.

    Anything. New Member

    • Krebons < Marshmallon / Spirit Reaper
    • Thunder of Ruler < Threatening Roar
    • Magic Drain < Magic Jammer / Spell Shield Type-8 (because you have lots of Spells to discard anyway). Dark Bribe is an option as well.
    • Reflect Bounder wants out.
    • Since you aren't using Shining Angel, you might as well have all Kaisers instead of Light Effigy since its stats are optimal and Effigy can ONLY 2x on Normal Monster Tributes. Kaiser isn't searchable by Witch, however. Your call. Shining Angel can pop Effigy, but not Kaiser.
    • The Dark - Hex-Sealed Fusion doesn't work with Five Headed Dragon because it can only be summoned via Fusion - this card does not say "this is treated as a Fusion Summon." You are better off using the Light anyways, since you use Blue-Eyes. Keeping this card in here would be nice if you threw in another copy of Lord of D. and added 3x Lord Dragun to your Fusion Deck.
    • You should add Change of Heart for Traditional.
    • Mausoleum of the Emperor isn't really worthwhile. Do what you want with that. 2000 LP a summon, especially with the choices you have aren't exactly a good deal.
    • Masked Dragon can only summon Twin-Headed Behemoth and Decoy Dragon in this deck. It's not really worthwhile.
    • Light and Darkness Dragon is a somewhat useless card if your opponent uses cards that can activate multiple times without repercussion, such as Treeborn Frog. During the Standby Phase, your 2800 ATK becomes a 300 ATK because they can keep attempting to summon it over and over. After that, it loses its purpose.
    • You should either focus on Blue-Eyes or Swarming/Five-Head. Combining both doesn't really work.
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  4. EmeraldFan

    EmeraldFan CoG iTrader

    I'll discuss your changes step by step.

    • Krebons, while it's effect is pretty good, is not in my deck for defensive purposes. It is, first and foremost, a tuner monster that I need for my Synchro monsters.
    • Threatening roar is slightly better than Thunder of Ruler, so I'll try to replace it.
    • While I do not have a Magic Jammer at the moment, I do have a SST8, you have a good point about the weakness of Magic Drain.
    • Reflect Bounder saved my life and cost my opponent 5000 points just Wednesday, so it stays.
    • I just took out light effigy yesterday, I replaced it with earthquake for Red Dragon Archfiend.
    • I put in The Light, so that helps me. While King Dragun has an awesome effect, I don't know where I would find ne, let alone 3.
      And The Hex Sealed Fusion's effect is in two parts. It's special summon is not the only effect, as it can be used like Versago the Destroyer in a fusion summon.
    • I'll think about Change of Heart.
    • Mausoleum stays. It has helped me in some dire situations where I couldn't keep a monster on the field to tribute.
    • Masked Dragon can also summon Different Dimension Dragon which is a cool monster to have on the field.
    • I'll think about LADD, but I make no promises since it has saved me a couple of times.
    • My main goal is to get my powerful dragons out as soon as possible, which explains Ancient Rules, Cry Havoc, and the Future Fusion/Dragon's Mirror combo. That's about it. Thank you.
  5. Digital Jedi

    Digital Jedi Administrator Staff Member

    I'll second a Magic Jammer. Unless the focus of the deck is to get them to discard cards for some reason, Magic Drain just doesn't hold up. Getting them to discard a Spell Card just means their Spell Card is still going through. You always want that assured stopping power. Too bad I'm not able to trade at the moment. I could have helped here a bit.

    And he's right about Hex, Anything. It has two effects, one of which makes it a legal substitute for any Fusion Summon.
  6. Anything.

    Anything. New Member

    What I meant is that with the Light, you get the same fusion-puppet effect, but you also get the opportunity to pop an Ultimate Dragon given the chance. With a The Dark, you'd need a Polymerization as well.
  7. EmeraldFan

    EmeraldFan CoG iTrader

    Just had the deck pretty much remade from the ground up by my pro friend. Once I get Magna Drago, for the Synchro monsters, I hope to be done finally after 4+ years of remaking this thing.
  8. EmeraldFan

    EmeraldFan CoG iTrader

    Deck now newly updated with extreme power and speed.

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