Chaos/Spellcaster Deck

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  1. Tai Long

    Tai Long New Member

    Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning
    Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End
    Dark Magician of Chaos
    Dark Magician x 2
    Chaos Command Magician
    Injection Fairy Lily
    Mythical Beast Cerberus
    Magician of Faith x 2
    Royal Magical Library x 2
    Breaker the Magical Warrior
    Skilled Dark Magician x 3
    Apprentice Magician x 2
    Witch of the Black Forest

    Harpie's Feather Duster
    Monster Reborn
    Change of Heart
    Pot of Greed
    Graceful Charity
    Mystical Space Typhoon
    Nobleman of Crossout
    Delinquent Duo
    Snatch Steal
    Premature Burial
    The Forceful Sentry (OR Confiscation)
    Magical Dimension x 3

    Magic Cylinder
    Call of the Haunted
    Ring of Destruction
    Imperial Order
    Sakuretsu Armor x 2 (Don't have a Mirror Force)

    Please Rate/Fix this deck :)
  2. barty64

    barty64 Moki The Monkey Boy Staff Member

    how about changing 1 Dark Magician for Skilled Dark Magician.
  3. skey23

    skey23 Council of Heroes

    So, you're saying he should have 3 "Dark Magician"s and 2 "Skilled Dark Magician"s?
  4. barty64

    barty64 Moki The Monkey Boy Staff Member

    no i didnt mean that i just didn't read what was in there, so ignore my suggestion

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