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Discussion in 'Art Discussions' started by Digital Jedi, Nov 9, 2005.

  1. Digital Jedi

    Digital Jedi Administrator Staff Member

    So, I'm unfamilair with both programs. But it kills me to see what they can do and not know what I can do with them. So what are the programs akin to? I have Corel Bryce 5 and have done a couple of things with them. But my computer has always been to slow to handle what I create, paticulary renedering previews. And I'm just out of space on this PC, theres no more culling for room anymore.

    The free trial version of DAZ|Studio doesn't even run properly because my Operating System is too old. So I can only hope at taz tie there is enough scrillah to divert to a new computer. And like I said in a previous thread, even the Wal-Mart computers are looking fantastic compared to the crap I have.

    To be perfectly honest, I've learened enough about computers in the last three years to know that the Best Buy guys like to blow smoke up your shorts. I haven't even had a car dealer blatently lie to me like these Best Buy computer sales people. I can't fathom spending so much dough on there crap when I know for a certainty that the cheap PC's can do what I want.

    I don't wan't special web tools and virs protection software. I can get that more effective stuff for free. I don't want various tools for editing family pictures or for orginizing my home gallery. Thas what I have Photshop for. And I like my files organized my way. Not to menion every single camera that moves pics t yor computer has its own built in "picture software". I don't need to be told that the grapics capabilities of this are this this and that compares to the superior quality of this more expensive thing-a-ma-jigger. Does it distinuish red from blue? Cause that all I reall need. That and loads and loads of space and processing powere.

    So I lament my inability to move foward with my web comic. But what do you think the possibilities are of doing a web comic with DAZ or Poser handling the characters and Bryce handling the backgrounds with Photoshop facilitating the metmorphisis?
  2. krazykidpsx

    krazykidpsx New Member


    Were to start, i basically have all the newest verison of high level programs.

    Maya, 3d Studio max, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash

    yes i heard Macromedia sold out to Adobe, its sad. :(

    i cried too. :( ::tears::

    I never really liked Poser, or any of the dummy programs. I know you can "practically" do anything on them, but sometimes you can just do as better with CS2.

    well if you need any hints or tips, why not look at some tutorials to find out "how did they" do what they did, its what i used to do when i was all into Flash and 3d Max. Now i just stick with PSCS2 and IllustratorCS2

  3. Digital Jedi

    Digital Jedi Administrator Staff Member

    And what is CS2 exactly?
  4. krazykidpsx

    krazykidpsx New Member

    Photoshop CS2, dude, dont tell me you dont know what Photoshop CS2 is?

    please DJ,

    okay i know what i will do, i will turn around and when i turn back i will see "yea i know PsCs2 is something else isnt it"

    ::turns around::
  5. Digital Jedi

    Digital Jedi Administrator Staff Member

    Other than the first sentance, I have no idea what you just said. [​IMG]
  6. krazykidpsx

    krazykidpsx New Member

    i made my self belive that you do know what CS2 is. :D

    there that solves the problems of the entire universe.

    the world is now a safer place.
  7. bishop

    bishop Thief of Always

    I'll jump in on this one when I get home tonight. You would be hard pressed to find someone that can do in Photoshop what I've done with a "dummy program". And I know a lot of really great artists that use Photoshop really well. And I'm really good at a lot of things with these "dummy programs".

    But, alas, I must run to work. Later, guys! I'll breakdown the apps tonight when I get home.
  8. Digital Jedi

    Digital Jedi Administrator Staff Member

    Sounds good. Then perhaps someone can explain to me what a "dummy" program is. ;)
  9. krazykidpsx

    krazykidpsx New Member

    low base less expansive programs.

    they can practically do anything the most expensive programs can do, only it takes about 2 times the work to do it.

    thats why their "dummy" they arnt really intended for hardkore work, but nothing on it restricts you from doing it. :D
  10. FallenAngel

    FallenAngel Formally known as .:TDK:.

    Photoshop is the best porgaram to go for with signature type things. I have a signature gallery that I have had signatures done for me via photoshop if you would like me to PM you some things that you can do with it DJ.

  11. krazykidpsx

    krazykidpsx New Member

    Its not just for signatures though, PS is widely used for Flyers, Vynil printing, Digital Shirt printing, Mouse pad Printing, etc..

    its not just for "signatures" thats is just a quick thing to come up with, you can do practically anything that is 2d raster based on it.

    really fast too, and work with huge DPI's aswell as different mesurement values.

    the program is hot, its way better than when it first got released.

    not to mention, now you can Type on a path, which before 8 it was impossible to do. That i belive is something that got picked up from Macromedia.

    if you ever use Flash MX and the likes you would know were the whole "Type to Path" thing came about.
  12. FallenAngel

    FallenAngel Formally known as .:TDK:.

    I know that but I use mine for siggies.
    Really you can make shirt designs...*dies*
  13. krazykidpsx

    krazykidpsx New Member

    i wouldnt see why not, lol.

    the new epson monstrocity of a printer lets you go digital, its really neat. :D

    25,000 just for it.
  14. Jason_C

    Jason_C Banned

    XD wow, for a second I thought you said "pornography". Ok, I'll stop spamming now :D

  15. FallenAngel

    FallenAngel Formally known as .:TDK:.

    25,000 DOLLARS!!!!!!!


    and lol pssvr.
  16. bishop

    bishop Thief of Always

    With all due respect, this statement is a sign of either lack of information or downright ignorance. Both Poser and DAZ|Studio (though D|S is still catching up with the big boys) are top of the line and can do as much if not better than some of "the most expensive programs" on the market. In fact, most of the animation out there starts in Poser and moves to something like Lightwave or Max for the animation.

    To compare Photoshop to these types of applications is also a huge mistake since they aren't even in the same class of application or usage.

    Now, granted, Poser 6, IMNSHO, is a step backwards from Poser 5, but I've seen some amazing things come out of 6 as well. I'm just not fond of the changes they made there.

    DAZ|Studio is catching up fast. For a free piece of software, it rivals some of the better applications out there, though, for the time being, it's still something that I have to struggle with lighting (being my particular specialty in 3D) and I don't particularly like to do that.

    Most, if not all, of the "most expensive software" is oriented toward objects and landscaping. None of them are very good at character development. When it comes to landscaping, I prefer Vue or Bryce (more the former, but the latter was what I cut my teeth on ten years ago). If you are into creating your own objects, then Max, Lightwave and a couple of others are a better way to go. Even Rhino, for that matter, is better than some.

    Yes, I have all of these (over $300,000 in software for digital work alone) and I use them in some form or another. But when it comes back down to quality, I have never seen anything attempted in two different programs that came out "better" in an more expensive program than a less expensive one. Money is not the indicator of quality.

    Nah. Adobe's been doing that for a very long time through Illustrator. All they've been doing is merging the two applications together for a while now so that many things you can do in one, you can do in the other while retaining Photoshop's raster based imaging and Illustrator's vector based imaging. They've had that long before Macromedia was a gleem in anyone's eyes.
  17. krazykidpsx

    krazykidpsx New Member

    no its not dude, its really pricey and really good. here ill link you up.


    thats the $25,000 one, there are others.

    check these links.



    kool, stuff huh. :D

    were thinking on buying the $25,000 one and make some game mats at some point.
  18. bishop

    bishop Thief of Always

    I'd like to see a link to this one. The most expensive Epson I can find is around $6,000.

    [EDIT: Okay. That's not a "printer", per se. That's what you use to print T-shirts. LOL!]
  19. krazykidpsx

    krazykidpsx New Member

    why the merge to have Flash?

    also, i never said the programs were out right crap, they are decent, their best thing for somebody that doesnt have the cash to spend on the more pricey programs. it takes a bit more time to do a few things but nothing is impossible.

    heck before i used 3ds max or Maya i used Anim8tor. which if you look at it is preaty low in what it can and cant do, but nothing is impossible.

    and not to metion its free.

    their just budget programs preaty much, most of them, It has no face value on what the program can and cant do. they are in the same field for a reason right?

    flash vs. Swish, whats the difference which is better and which is less expensive?

    Flash, Has script writing, is more expensive and has alot of stuff in its GUI.
    Swish, Has less stuff, not at all expensive and you can practically do the same thing you could in Flash.

    but who uses flash and who uses swish?

    I dont go anyware near swish, while a friend of mine loves it. Cant say anything he didnt have the money for flash, so you know, what works for you is what you can get your hands on sometimes.

    you can do what ever with any program that doesnt have a limitation.

    terrogen, man i loved making landscapes on that thing. not to mention it was free.
  20. krazykidpsx

    krazykidpsx New Member

    its still kool, you know you wouldnt mind having one. lol

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