Fire Emblem: Wii?

Discussion in 'Legacy Consoles (Nintendo)' started by chaos general, Aug 30, 2006.

  1. chaos general

    chaos general New Member

    So recently, I found out that there was a demo for the Fire Emblem game on the Wii. I watched it, but it was only, like, seven seconds long...? Did I miss something? Can someone fill me in?
  2. m_kiaba

    m_kiaba New Member

    i wish i could help you, i think i've seen a demo which was about as long as that, i wouln't mind finding out more about fire emblem.
  3. barty64

    barty64 Moki The Monkey Boy Staff Member

    I've not long found out some info on Fire Emblem Goddess of dawn. It is set 3 years after Fire Emblem Path of Radiance and follows Soothe's story(who was seen as a child in Path of radiance) and he is in some sort of freedom group fighting agianst Begnions rule of Daein.
    It looks to realesed about December.

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