help, my high score wasn't posted

Discussion in 'Errors & Bugs' started by exiledforcefreak, Jan 20, 2008.

  1. exiledforcefreak

    exiledforcefreak RIP Jacob KT 2/16/06

    disregard this post, I'm a moron
  2. Maruno

    Maruno Council of Heroes Staff Member

    It'll apply to me, then. Some games I've played, and lost (or completed, etc.). However, it simply goes back to the start screen of said game. I have managed to put my score into one game I've played (Connect Four, I believe, tied first place ^^ ), so I presume I know what it's supposed to look like... but it doesn't.

    I'm using Firefox, if that makes a difference.
  3. Digital Jedi

    Digital Jedi Administrator Staff Member

    It shouldn't. But different games have different submission requirements. Like Gun Run requires you to hit Continue, whereas others reload the page automatically. The PNFlashgames auto submit with reloading, etc. I think Asteroids IV is the only one not submitting a score right now. What games exactly have you been having trouble with?
  4. Maruno

    Maruno Council of Heroes Staff Member

    Maybe I just wasn't doing it right. The moment I complained, it suddenly seemed to work correctly.

    EDIT: Ball Breaker doesn't post its score. Would've gotten second place too.

    EDIT^2: It doesn't post the score when you win the game. If you lose, your score gets added. I'm pretty sure that's not supposed to be a feature of the game.

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