Hi Everybody!

Discussion in 'General Discussion (YGO)' started by LordLight2, Dec 22, 2013.

  1. LordLight2

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    Hi Everybody!

    It's been awhile, but it's great to have this site back up. I have always found this place to be an excellent resource for new deck ideas, deck tweaks, rules questions, and just general information. If you've been here before, you know what I'm talking about. If not, well, give it a try.

    As for myself, I've been playing Yu-Gi-Oh since the game began all those years ago. And yes, I remember playing through all those formats. Now a days I judge tournaments more than play in them, but I do play for fun once in awhile and help train newer players.

    In fact, some of my "new" players came up to me one day and said that I helped teach them when they first started playing many years ago. They left town and just recently came back and they came to the tournament I was judging. That was actually very cool. (Even though it made me feel incredibly old.) No real point, just a neat story.

    The whole point to this is, welcome back CoG. You were missed.
  2. Digital Jedi

    Digital Jedi Administrator Staff Member

    It's really great to have everyone trickling in, little by little. And it's really great to see tha the game seems to still be going strong.

    By the way, I got your email. Not sure if my reply went through, though. Seems I triggered some spam blockers with my mass email about the soft open.
  3. jinzo64

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    hello and welcome back to the forum.

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