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Discussion in 'General Discussion (YGO)' started by cameron2010, Nov 24, 2010.

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  1. cameron2010

    cameron2010 New Member

    The first series of Hidden Arsenal, had the term LIMITED EDITION printed on them. The second series of Hidden Arsenal call Hidden Arsenal 2 (HA02) do not have the term LIMITED EDITION on them, but instead have the term 1st Edition written on the card.

    Can someone explain to me why they have 1st Edition written on the card instead of LIMITED EDITION they had previously?

    Does this mean that an Unlimited Edition of the HA02 may be printed as a reprint of this series soon?

    Where the HA01 cards variants?
  2. Digital Jedi

    Digital Jedi Administrator Staff Member

    Did the respective sets come out on either side of the UDE split up? If so, it could just be Konami going with their own numbering system now that it's their print run exclusively.
  3. cameron2010

    cameron2010 New Member

    The Hidden Arsenal sets came out after the UDE Split Up. I am hoping that an Unlimited Edition of Hidden Arsenal 2 may be released in the future. What makes this weirder is that Hidden Arsenal 2 is also the Duel Terminal 2nd series in US (Duel Terminals 3 and 4 in Japan). I would assume that they have the cards as Limited Edition instead of 1st Edition.

    The following sets (not shown on the yugioh-card.com WEBSITE) were also printed before the UDE split up, some of the them are part of the Yugioh 5D's series, and part of the OCG 6th series (7th series started with DREV, has new print style on cards).
    2008 Collectors Tin (Stardust Dragon, Red Dragon Archfiend, Turbo Warrior, Black Rose Dragon)
    All Duelist League sets before Duelist League 9 (DL09) [The last UDE version was DL9]
    Light and Darkness Power Pack, and all other special edition w/reprints like DB1/DB2 and the Dark Revelations Series, and Dark Legends (Retro Pack 1 in Japan)
    All packs before Champion Pack 8
    Gold Series 1 (GLD1)-2008
    The Duelist Genesis
    Crossroads of Chaos
    Shonen Jump Anniversary Pack
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  4. Digital Jedi

    Digital Jedi Administrator Staff Member

    Konami took immediate control of UDE in Dec 2008 and the set released in Nov 2009. I forget how the printing arrangement worked, whether it was UDE who facilitated the North American printing, or if they used a third party, but I'm inclined to think that even though they took it back, they had a lot of UDE vestages that still remained behind over that following year.

    Also, didn't they do this to us once before where they just arbitrarily decided to start calling editions something else? Seems like I remember having a similar conversation a few years back about another set.
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