Introducing the Deck Masters!

Discussion in 'Deck Master Discussion (YGO)' started by Maruno, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. Maruno

    Maruno Council of Heroes Staff Member

    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, duellists of all kind, hello!

    I'm very pleased to announce that the new home of my Deck Masters is right here at City of Gamers. You may or may not have visited the link in my signature to the previous home at Yahoo Geocities, and if you have you'll know about the annoying adverts that show up and the lack of a decent place to discuss the game variant (the Yahoo Group I created to accompany it is entirely dead).

    Which is why I've moved the lot here. This is already a fantastic forum based on that popular children's card game (and others), with many expert duellists and fans of the game. So I thought, what better place to put my Deck Masters than here?

    Thus far the Deck Masters have been entirely a solo effort, and since I don't play the game myself I probably don't know exactly how the Abilities fare, and which Deck Masters are just stupidly overpowered and so forth. I'm certain this will change, though, because of you guys and girls. You can help me develop the variant much further than anything I could achieve on my own.

    So please, join in. Post your Deck Master Decks, make suggestions, ask questions. And enjoy!
  2. Dimensionruler

    Dimensionruler Block Head

    Will you be making a deck master ability for Gren Maju Da Eiza or Peten the Dark Clown any time soon? Also, I think Mysterious Puppeteer needs to be banned, its ability is much to game changing. It doesn't take a whole lot to stale for 4 turns, nor is it real difficult to maintain life points for those 4 turns (Unless you are OTKed within those 4 turns). With cards like Messenger of Peace, Gravity Bind, Level Limit Area B, Draining Shield, and a number of other life point gaining cards. Then once your opponent's Deck Master is on the field it just takes a fissure/smashing ground/exiled force/torrential tribute and the like to win the game.
  3. Maruno

    Maruno Council of Heroes Staff Member

    Primarily, I make Deck Masters for monsters that seem as if they would be Deck Masters. Either they're strong (stats- or effectwise), or they have an impressive name, or they look like they could be a Deck Master. These tend to be the rarer cards. Alternatively, if I think up a good Ability for a monster, it'll get it (e.g. Shapesnatch).

    Until now, I haven't really considered Gren Maju Da Eiza or Peten the Dark Clown suitable. Although if I'm going to make every monster a Deck Master (which I hadn't originally intended, because there's a bunch of weak Normal Monsters around that don't seem like they would be Deck Masters), then I should think up something for these two.

    Did you have any Abilities in mind for these two? A rehash of their effects, or something different? I'm open to suggestions.

    I don't ban Abilities, I just change them. Mysterious Puppeteer, yeah, I can see how it'd be overpowered. My initial thoughts are to either bump the Life Points cost, or to put in a clause that wipes out your hand and field when you do so. Or both, of course. Then you're top-Decking and you've lost a bunch of Life Points, even though you've put your opponent into a vulnerable situation. That should balance things, right? Again, feel free to make suggestions. I can't make this into an amazing game format without your help.

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