[judge-yu] Brain Control vs. Snatch Steal vs Tsukyomi

Discussion in 'UDE's Judge Program (YGO)' started by UDEbot, Oct 28, 2005.

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    Here's the situation:

    Player A has a Tsukyomi and Brain Control in their hand.

    Player B has Snatch Steal on player a's Gagagigo.

    Player A activates Brain Control targetting the Gagagigo with no chains from
    each player.

    Player A then summons Tsukuyomi to flip the Gagagigo face down, destroying Snatch Steal. He flips it again and attacks.

    Now, at the end of Player A's turn, will Gagagigo return to Player B's field and stay there, or will it stay on Player A's side of the field?



    During the End Phase, control of "Gagagigo" will be returned to Player B due to "Brain Control's" effect.

    Before anyone asks, even if Player A Flip-Summons the "Gagagigo" after turning it face-down with "Tsukuyomi", it will STILL return to Player B in the End Phase. The outcome does not change.

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    how do i do to join this forum???
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    This particular section is just a dump of the questions and answers provided to Judges on the Judge's List.

    In order to be able to post questions to the Judge's List, you must pass the Level 1 Yugioh! Rules and Knowledge test. Unfortunately, that test has been removed from Upperdeck's website, with no estimated return date.

    Feel free to respond to what's been said on these, or to create a new thread in the Rules and Regulations area of this community.

    [edit]BTW..welcome to the City of Gamers! Please visit the Intro/Farewell area and introduce yourself to everyone!
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