Legacies of the DCAU (DC Animated Universe)

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    Legacies of the DCAU is a webcomic series continuing the adventures of the DC Animated Universe from where it left off in the final episode of Justice League Unlimited. It's produced by Ted Kendrick and James Strecker.

    The Watchtower Database aims to be the most comprehensive database of DCAU history and resources on the web, with full character images and bios of every character, vehicle and artifact featured in the DCAU's 14-year history. This project is ongoing.

    I'm currently a contributing artist to both the Database and webcomic, though my contribution has been small up to this point. I did one page of flats for LotDCAU and only one character design for the Database. But I've got more contributions to come.

    You can read or download all the comics here: www.legaciesdcau.com. If you're wondering , my contribution were the color flats on Issue #2, page 1. (Hey, it was a hard page!)

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