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    armed dragon lv7
    armed dragon lv5 X3
    mobius the frost monarch
    breaker the magical warrior
    magician of fatith
    luster dragon
    spear dragon
    mirage dragon
    twin-headed behemoth
    armed dragon lv3 X3
    masked dragon X3
    mask of darkness
    treeborn frog


    smashing ground X2
    mystical space typhoon
    premature burial
    brain control
    heavy storm
    stamping destruction X2
    graceful charity
    nobleman of crossout
    magical mallet
    pot of avarice
    swords of revealing light


    call of the haunted
    sakuretsu armor
    bottemless trap hole X2
    torrential tribute
    forced back

    side deck

    horus the black flame dragon lv8
    red-eyes darkness dragon
    red-eyes b. dragon X2
    horus the black flame dragon lv6
    cave dragon
    horus the black flame dragon lv4
    mirage dragon
    red-eyes b. chick X2
    level up X2
    different dimension capsule X2
    bottemless trap hole

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