My three principles for deck construction. Hope it helps those in need.

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    Tips for the Duelist I: The Basics

    First and fore most, this entry will give fellow duelists on the net insight too how i conduct my deck building, how i duel, and many other important things. My ideas are meant to influence you to a more creative way of dueling. This post is also too help duelists become stronger in the art of dueling by expanding the way they think. I'm not claiming too be an expert, I merely wish to share with people my approach too successful and fun dueling.

    I abide by three basic principles when building a deck. These principles i came up with after experiencing the world of dueling for many many years. In fact, i think its been8 years and something days (i started when the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG came out in America). Now before i go any further i must say there are many people with Duelist Principle Theories (DPT) similar too mine, but mine is unique. I did not copy off anyone, and i would not steal ideas. My DPT i came up with through experience and having an open mind to other duelists, and yes, even an open mind to everyday events and history from all nations. You learn though history and thus can utilize your knowledge of history too more thoroughly use towards dueling. Now that I've explained to you how I've come to my DPT, I can move on to the principles.

    First of the three is Adaptation. Adaptation is extremely important in a deck. Adaptation as a principle is used in many things such as certain forms of martial arts. Adaptation as a principle refers to being able too move and act as the water, hence i highlighted it blue. Too act as one with the water in martial arts is too absorb an enemies blows through motions or simply to move with the opponents fists so that they never connect. This is done so that you may deal back a reaction of attack through which was chained too your opponents attack. A principle that can also be compared to flexibility or better yet to another principle, with every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. You must utilize this principle in your deck by making each card open a window of opportunity to turn the tide of the match too flow the other way in your favor. That is adaptation, and even tho your thinking "can't that when a duel alone?", it cannot my three principles are a triumvirate that rely on one another to make a successful deck.

    Second of the three is
    Synchronization. No not synchronization as in synchro monsters. Synchronization is extremely important also. Synchronization is a principle that appears all through out the history of war. Synchronization is a principle in war and refers too how well the soldiers are able to simultaneously coordinate many tasks among different platoons and machinery. An example would be the Spartans. They stood their ground and defended themselves against all odds by having perfect synchronization with one another and the Greek navy. Though they lost the Battle of Thermopylae their synchronization was perfect. They didn't have the ability to adapt that's why they lost. They were in such a tight space, and yes this comment was to further prove my point on the triumvirate. You must apply this principle too your deck. Through synchronization you can achieve a deck so synchronized that every card will have a purpose, and every card can be played off one another furthering the goal of achieving your strategy quickly and efficiently. I colored synchronization yellow for electricity. Electricity as in speed. Through synchronization you will achieve a faster rate of playing your biggest combos. Basically, be fast and strike like lightning.

    Third is
    Tactics. To duel you must think like you never have had too in everyday life. You must think ahead, predict, and have the resolve to try something new. These next two points ill make are essential: 1 Tactics are always the deciding factor in a duel whether they are preemptive or made up on the spot. 2 Creativity is very essential in tactics. If not for creativity wars would not be won, they would be decided. Meaning simply that without creativity the war would have already been decided based on pop. If the armies were equal then it would be decided on luck. Think about it without creativity guerrilla warfare would not exist. Nuff said.
    Tactics is red for fire. It must light the way too victory and be the flame too unite the other principles in the darkness of loss.

    So go forth! React like the water! Strike back with lightning force! And resolve the duel in a blaze of creativity!

    Happy Deck Building!

    theDMKAPF's (AKA:Link Hikari's) principles for deck building.
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    bruce lee fan uh
  3. Dr Kain

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    Uh, riiiiiiiiiiight. Love your thoughts, but how that helps making a deck is unknown to me.
  4. rodney21bark

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    Your thoughts are great and its a great insight for those who are new duelist but the seasoned duelist have different sets of decks for them. You can have different set of decks that you can set-up it just depends of what kind of cards you are best at and where you are most comfortable of using.
  5. gabrele

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    most deffenetly true:peace:
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