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Discussion in 'General Discussion (YGO)' started by Fiendish Envoy, Dec 7, 2004.

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  1. Cyber Stein #1: US$23,000

    Cyber Stein #2: US$20,000
  2. krazykidpsx

    krazykidpsx New Member

    only a very desperate person will pay that much for Cyberstein.

    especially since its major use right now is for Master of Oz.

    i would just have to wait to see were else we will get this card from.

    watch the day it gets publicly released the person that bought it will be mad.
  3. TwistofF8

    TwistofF8 New Member

    MAD :pchate: VERY MAD :boom: Ican't wait to find the person that bought this card and when it becomes mass produced...I call'em up an' say HAHA!!!!! :evil2:
  4. The person could care less if the card is mass produced.

    As long as he holds one of the few copies of THAT specific "Cyber Stein" he 'should' be happy.
  5. TwistofF8

    TwistofF8 New Member

    Why? he paid out the wazoo for a "card" and on top of that he also has the embarassment and shame of seeing his one and only "good copy" become an infinitessimal piece of history where everyone will stop and say, "Hey! There's that idiot I saw on Ebay who bought that worthless card for 5 grand! Man what a waste! If I had that much extra money I'd donate to charity or buy a new computer or something that's really worth it." And even if they NEVER release the card to the masses, what are the chances that he'll ever wind up dueling us or actually getting the card to work in one of his decks? I mean, if he goes up against a beatdown deck he's doomed. Also, almost evey time I play Kaiba on ANY of the video games I always wind up magic cylindering his BEUD anyway! He kills himself! That's all I have to say on it.
  6. Well, first of all you need to understand that there are serious collectors out there who care less about the playability of a card, but rather look at the value of it.

    When the card is mass produced, it will be a different version of what he has, and MUCH easier to get.

    Like I said, there are still many OCG cards that are worth alot (original Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, Dark Magician Girl, Black Luster Soldier).
  7. anthonyj

    anthonyj New Member

    There is a large different between collecting and amassing. A collector is looking to have something few (if any) others have. People pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for original art when you could pick up a knock off reprint.
  8. Thats strange....the current bid is still at $5300....I would have thought it would have changed over the course of a day :?
  9. Well, it's up to $6100 now. While I'm not all that surprised that it's more than what "Card of Sanctity" went for, I'm not that certain how high it will get cause I can't see too many people willing to push it that much higher.

    That said, watch it hit $20,000...

    (And I was thinking 1000-2000 for a card [Black Lotus] was just sheer insanity...)

    - A
  10. Dillie-O

    Dillie-O Council of Heroes

    As my mother once said "You can afford what you want to." 8^D

    I paid a good 5K a few years ago to build a computer for myself with a lot of bleeding edge stuff, so much so that my Sound Blaster Live Platinum 5.1 and DXR3 DVD Decoder didn't have stable Win2K drivers for it yet 8^D You could get a decent computer then for 2K easily.

    It just goes to show what people value as collectors and what lengths some will go to get them.

    Anybody happen to know if Comic Odyssey (the seller of the card) actually won the raffle for it, or bought it off the winner?
  11. According to the "questions asked", he's selling it on behalf of the winner of the tournament.

    - A
  12. Yes, and if other sites have it, they probably stole it from us :palmer:
  13. Ok, I'll do my best :wink:

    Also, current bid is now $6250.00
  14. krazykidpsx

    krazykidpsx New Member

    even if its a collectable. type of thing.

    why so much?

    you arnt gonna use it, its like having kanan the swordsmistress. (which i heard isnt even legal for tournament play)

    see the problem here is that its going so high they could have bought mass loads of any card they ever wanted, but instead their putting all their cheese on a card that has a 50/50 chance of actual success.

    not to mention, having 1 only in a deck (if the person that buys it decides to play with it) dude, how will you pull it off?

    3 mystic tomatoes to take a few damage, and then make it worse pop it out to lose 5000lp for its cost.

    just so your opponent can activate ring of destruction on it?

    nah i dont think so.
  15. What makes you think he is going to use it? The winning bidder would most likely want it for his or her collection. Its kind of like the example anthonyj gave about how people pay hundreds of thousands dollars for art.

    Please, stop looking at the playability of a card. It is value that counts, and this person probably isn't going to be playing with this card. This game is not just composed of people who only want to play.....
  16. anthonyj

    anthonyj New Member

    Most common use in Japan, summon Cyber Stein, pay to bring out Blue Eyes Ultimate, equip with Megamorph, attack for 9000.  Support this combo with Jinzo or A-Team to prevent traps or Solemn Judgement to stop pretty much anything, add Big Bang Shot or Fairy Meteor to deal with a face-down (or Nobleman it).  Even packing a Sasuke #2 to stop spell/trap for the round.  Yeah it is a risky play but so is a Last Turn deck and I haven't seen a shortage of those. I'd pretty much guarantee somebody paying this kind of money isn't going to be running it in a deck (can you imagine the tormented scream if it accidentally got bent when your opponent shuffled your deck). But I'd run Cyber Stein if it were available.
  17. krazykidpsx

    krazykidpsx New Member

    i know the guy doesnt want it for play.

    Art is different from 1 specific card.

    Art will increase in value depending on the years the artist has been dead and how famous he or she was.

    Atleast Art you can hang in your wall and actually have people admire it.

    who the hell will admire a card? especially cyber stein.

    no, unless its some Yugioh ccg museum for kids type thing, you will not be seeing people outside of yugioh actually care.

    unlike Art which is what? oh thats right world wide and goes beyond years that we have lived.

    either way, the best thing the original owner of the card could have hoped for is to keep it him self.

    come on, you already got the card for hardwork in a tournament, why sell it?

    think about it, You won a tournament that gave you an exclusive card that only 2 of it are currently available.

    why would you sell it? To make money? why isnt the uncut sheet being sold to?

    ever thought about that?

    the guy is only selling cyberstien not the uncut sheet. why only stein?
  18. Looks like that person admires a card, and I would actually like an oppurtunity to see the card in person :roll:

    It doesn't matter what other people think of the card.

    The guy knows he can make a lot of money, so he has chosen to sell it. The card might not have as much sentimental value to him, as it does to others.

    I believe the uncut sheet contains ultimate rares, and really, ultimates aren't all that good. He could sell it if he wanted, but the tournament finished only a few days ago.

    For all you know, he could have already sold it/traded it to someone else.

    Ever think about that?
  19. krazykidpsx

    krazykidpsx New Member

    Ult. rares are preaty good, the 3d effect it gives the cards makes the card stand out more.

    the printing on it is far better than secrete rare.

    were its only all sparkly.

    ever think about why we havent gotten parallel rares?

    have you ever seen a parallel rare before?

    If that cyber stein was a parralel rare print, then man id see why so much.

    but still its ultra rare print. only 2 at the moment, selilng it for alot of cheese and not carring for the uncut sheet.

    and actually it kinda does matter cause you mentioned the whole art thing.

    art vs. this isnt in any way compared only that some very desperate person out there is spending alot of cash for 1 card.
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