Official Super Smash Bros. Revolution Character Speculation Thread

Discussion in 'Legacy Consoles (Nintendo)' started by chaos general, Sep 16, 2005.

  1. chaos general

    chaos general New Member

    Just in case you don't know, SSB:R is a game that has been announced on the Revolution as one of the release games. It's now up to us to speculate as to who all will be in it.

    I think it's relatively safe to say that all of the characters in SSB:M will be returning, so that includes:

    Mario, Luigi, Dr. Mario, Peach, Bowser, Mr. Game and Watch, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Ganondorf, Fox, Falco, Link, Samus, Kirby, The Ice Climbers, Captain Falcon, Zelda/Sheik, Pikachu, Mewtwo, Pichu, Jigglypuff, Ness, Young Link, Marth, Roy. (Am I forgetting anyone?)

    Now, we should hope that there will be new characters, so... Let's speculate, shall we? I can almost place money on saying that Wario, Waluigi, other Pokemon and Donkey Kong characters, and Dark Samus will appear. Any other guesses?
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  2. DaGuyWitBluGlasses

    DaGuyWitBluGlasses New Member

    I think Earthbound / Mother 2 deserves more than one character.. (not counting the Mr. Saturn heads...)

    So there's the heroes, Paula, Jeff, and Poo, i think a (enemy) Starman could make a good choice, (probably Starman Super.. it's name sounds best..)
  3. Inuyasha_Riku

    Inuyasha_Riku the drumming duelist

    you forgot roy and marth! ^_^....
    i would like to see some golden sun characters tho...
  4. chaos general

    chaos general New Member

    DaGuy - More Earthbound characters would be nice. That was my favorite SNES game ever... Imagine using Gigas... oO

    Inuyasha - Thanks for reminding me of Marth and Roy! The only reason I doubt that Golden Sun characters will show up is because Golden Sun is also owned by Camelot, so unless Camelot says that it's okay for them to be in there, they wont because of laws and such. Though, if I were Camelot's... person, I'd let them use the characters in a heartbeat - imagine the money that they'd make.
  5. Inuyasha_Riku

    Inuyasha_Riku the drumming duelist

    haha..seriously...i would kill to be able to use felix or isaac in the new smash bros...

    just kidding, i hope they dont cuz that would just be wierd

    anyway ... my friend and i talk about this alll the time!!!

    like link should have a move where he rides epona how cool would that be... ittd be like a fox dash sort of thing or falcon kick....

    um i think Kalas From Baten Kaitos would be AMAZING

    xzibit should be a character!!!!! lol
    just like in every other friggin game lol

    they should make lugia and/or ho oh charachters instead of pokeballs either that or groudon/kyogre
    groudon would be to bowzer what gannondorf is to c. falcon

    ditto should be either playable or be a poke ball

    b to transform into the nearest character.....
    [ycard="SOD-EN049"]Taunt[/ycard] to get rid of that character
    and it should copy everything about the character
    from jumps, to looks, to grapples
    sorry .. getting ahead of myself...

    dark samus would be awesome.. i admit

    thats all i can think of for now
  7. Inuyasha_Riku

    Inuyasha_Riku the drumming duelist

    haha..yea but according to the pokemon games groudon would probably be a LOT bigger than not sure if that would those are interesting ideas...ditto take on the moves of one random character like soul calibur 2's charade....
  8. chaos general

    chaos general New Member

    Ditto as a Charade-like character is totally doable, but the problem is, we have Kirby... Ditto would be kind of redundant, I'd think...

    Sonic and Tails? Lol... Those belong to Sega - The chance of Nintendo using them in SSB:R is about the same as the chance of Master Cheif being there...

    And yeah, Groudon would be huge... But I'd definitely expect Ruby and Sapphire Pokemon to be in the new pokeballs.
  9. Digital Jedi

    Digital Jedi Administrator Staff Member

    Yes, I want to see Master Chief and Lara Croft. Nothing would give me greater pleasure then to see Donkey Kong get blasted by a rocket launcher shot the head with a Desert Eagle.
  10. Ginsu 117

    Ginsu 117 Guest

    Have you seen the controller for this thing lol. It makes me want to buy just so I can light it on fire. How are you suppose to play on a remote lol. Imagine THAT playing ZELDA that will givwe you some cramps. I can't stand the new inventions of nintendo!
  11. chaos general

    chaos general New Member

    ... Death. Death to you. :ninja:

    Just kidding... ::coughcoughmaybecough::

    But anyway, back on topic: I also think that we're gonna need some more Fire Emblem people, like Ike from Path of Radiance. That's be pretty cool. I don't like the name Ike too much though... :/
  12. Akabane

    Akabane Guest

    Seriosuly I mean imagine being able to play as Alex or Saturos ;D
    God I would so kill for a GS series remake on the revolution with voice actors :D

    Back on topic, i'd like to see Earthbound characters.
  13. chaos general

    chaos general New Member

    OMG that would own. Alex pwns. Never battled him (obvious reason), but he'd own.
    Whoa... All that excitement made me pee a little. That would also own. You don't understand how much Golden Sun is loved by me. It's my favorite game ever. And yes. Yes I do think that it's better than FF7. *gets shot in the head by FF7 lovers*
    Yeah, imagine playing as Gigas. Just imagine.
  14. Akabane

    Akabane Guest

    The Golden Sun series is my life and to me it is the greatest RPG of all time. I played so many hours on them up to now to date. I could not wait for the english release and imported both the first and second one when out and japan and bought the english ones and beat all of them and managed godly stats on them all, god i love that series so much.
  15. djsb1312

    djsb1312 Guest

    good news to me that there will be another super smash bros.well i would like to see mew(not mewtwo)become a character instead of being in a pokeball and then flies away.
  16. Raijinili

    Raijinili New Member

    Donkey Kong might not be on it.

    The Kong is owned by another company.
  17. Inuyasha_Riku

    Inuyasha_Riku the drumming duelist

    amen akabane...amen....
  18. chaos general

    chaos general New Member

    Umm... DK was in the past two SSB, so... why wouldn't he be in the new one?
  19. Raijinili

    Raijinili New Member

    Rare, which owns Donkey Kong, isn't loyal to Nintendo anymore.
  20. Inuyasha_Riku

    Inuyasha_Riku the drumming duelist

    well..donkey kong's always been in pretty sure they wont take him out...

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