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Discussion in 'Art Discussions' started by bishop, Oct 3, 2005.

  1. bishop

    bishop Thief of Always

    I've moved my primary gallery from my own website to deviantART. I've been quite pleased not only with the service but with the reception that has been afforded me. I will still post pieces here once we have opened up COG 2.0, but these pieces will remain relatively tame, even in the more Mature area of the gallery. With DA, I can control those pieces better since it requires a DA account in order to see those that are a bit more 'explicit' than others.
  2. Dillie-O

    Dillie-O Council of Heroes

    Sweet, now I can keep up to date on your work. I like to drift into DeviantArt every now and then to find some new wallpaper (though the current DS wallpaper has been hard to dethrone 8^D). However I was disappointed at your choice of handle. What happened to the handle BishopTheTCGRuler or something like that? 8^D
  3. bishop

    bishop Thief of Always

    New Images

    I have uploaded two new images to the galleries here from my personal gallery at deviantART.
    1. Morning of the Gods
    2. Dusk of the Gods
  4. sirch1964

    sirch1964 Don't fear da Reaper

    They are breath taking. An awesome display. I love your work man, a definate genuis.
  5. bishop

    bishop Thief of Always

    Thank you. I've produced a lot more in the last month, but most of it doesn't fit the, uh, ambiance of the forums that we'd prefer to keep here. LOL!

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