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Discussion in 'UDE Player Management' started by UDEbot, Jun 2, 2009.

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    Purpose of Note Taking
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    I know that notes are public information, therefore I cannot write in a language my opponent would not be able to read or in some code only I can understand. But do I have to tell my opponent WHY I am taking those particular notes?

    Let's take the card Enlightenment, for example. It costs 25 resources to play, but I pay 1 less for each ability card in my graveyard. Enlightenment says that I win the game at the start of my next turn. This is my deck's win condition, so I am keeping track of the number of ability cards in my graveyard. Now I must tell my opponent that is what my notes are keeping track of, but do I have to tell my opponent my purpose for keeping track of that number?

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    No. You can tally anything you want and without a need for explanation. If asked, just tell them that you are using tick marks to track something in lieu of counters or dice. Tick marks are not considered "notes". If there is a problem with semantics, just pull out some dice or counters up to the number and scribble out your tick marks. If your opponant is observant, though, I think (s)he might pick it up by the count and checking all things public knowledge.
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    If I had to explain every reason I wrote down my little sticks and crosshairs all the time (essentially being that I'm a terrible at math), we'd probably both get penalized for stalling.
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    Slow Play!! Stalling is intentional and cheating.

    ~Sorry! They drummed it into my head to snap at folks who call slow play stalling. I know you know the difference.
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    You haven't seen me try to add in my head.
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    "See" you add in your head??? Now that would be a medical miracle. People would pay dearly for an invention like that..... "Dude, stop drooling over my girlfriend!" "I'm not!!" "Yes, you are... I can see it in your Occipital Lobe! You're processing her data! Stop it, now!"
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    Well, I did say "try". Though in my case, the miracle would be if I added correctly.

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