[Player Management] Take a picture while resolving cards that allow you to see your oppo's hand

Discussion in 'UDE Player Management' started by UDEbot, Jun 2, 2009.

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    Take a picture while resolving cards that allow you to see your oppo's hand
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    Last Saturnday, Alan was playing vs Bill at my local store.
    Alan activated Crush Card Virus and Bill had no answer.
    While resolving CCV, Bill showed his cards hand to Alan, and Alan took a picture to them with his mobile phone.

    I'm aware players are allowed to take note of opponent's cards in hand, but is it legal to take a picture of them while resolving cards that allow you to see your opponent's hand?

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    You know....I have been going through these things answering them, even though they looked sooooo familiar. I just clicked on one of the links and BAM!! Now I know why. Okay....I'm an idiot!! Seriously, though, those links are SMALL!!
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    Never mind at least it will give people something to do other then ignore them. People like me!!!
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    We've only had the UDEBot posting these things for what, five years now? ;)

    Although since the Player Management area on UDE are a closed forum, it would be nice to see more discussion from non-judges and judges in a more casual setting like this. This is why I keep the feed active, so we'll talk about it.
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    Yeah, but I don't remember the bot having such a personable avitar. Maybe it's just the new look that makes it *pop* so i thought it was an actual person asking. Like I said...I'm an idiot!! Well, was yesterday anyway.

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