Review: "All Bad Things . . ." by Digital Jedi

Discussion in 'Reviews & Discussion' started by Digital Jedi, Jan 25, 2006.

  1. Digital Jedi

    Digital Jedi Administrator Staff Member

    This thread is for discussion and review of the story "All Bad Things . . ." by Digital Jedi.
  2. Jason_C

    Jason_C Banned

    How hard would you hit me if I pointed out that you spelled "Counselor" as "Councilor"?

    If you need me, I'll be hiding under my bed and praying you don't find me.

    Actually, so far I love it. Although it isn't far enough to really say much about the plot, the artwork and dialogue is awesome.
  3. BenjaminMS

    BenjaminMS The Kozaky show

    It is a fun story so far. I love it.

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