Review: "FUSION #1: Not What They Seem" by Digital Jedi

Discussion in 'Reviews & Discussion' started by Digital Jedi, Jan 25, 2006.

  1. Digital Jedi

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  2. DaAmazing1

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    Good story.... I'm actually waiting for the rest of it....

    At first I was thinking "Didn't I see a movie like this... RoboCop", but then you [ycard="PSV-EN067"]Shift[/ycard]ed the story by killing him and by introducing us to what seems to be two of the stories main characters....
  3. Digital Jedi

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    Thank you, Da. I'm working on some more here in a few. This an old story I've not put to paper other then a few notes and pictures. This a great way for me to "just write it", as I tend to obsess over my writing style, writing and re-writing till I look up and realize the 2-year old staring at me from her entertainer didn't exist when I first started. :eek:

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