Sangan Vs Mobius the frost monarch

Discussion in 'Rules Questions (YGO)' started by Manta, Mar 20, 2005.

  1. Manta

    Manta New Member

    If I were to tribute my Sangan for Mobius the frost monarch, would I skip the timing for Mobius' effect. If I don't which order do the two effects go in?
  2. skey23

    skey23 Council of Heroes

    No, you would not miss timing for either.

    "Sangan" is a mandatory effect and will start a new chain after "Mobius"'s effect resolves.

    So, if you choose to activate "Mobius", then you would destroy 2 Spell/Trap cards. Then you would activate/resolve "Sangan"'s effect and add the appropriate monster from your deck to your hand.
  3. Raigekick

    Raigekick New Member

    Actually, they will form a chain. "[ycard="SYE-018"]Sangan[/ycard]" will be link 1 and "[ycard="SOD-EN022"]Mobius the Frost Monarch[/ycard]" will be link 2 if you wish to use his effect.

    Check this ruling for clarification:

    "[ycard="IOC-065"]Dark Magician of Chaos[/ycard]"
    6. When you Tribute Summon "[ycard="IOC-065"]Dark Magician of Chaos[/ycard]" with "[ycard="SYE-018"]Sangan[/ycard]" or "[ycard="IOC-062"]Burning Algae[/ycard]", those cards effects are Step 1 of the chain, and "[ycard="IOC-065"]Dark Magician of Chaos[/ycard]"' effect is Step 2.
  4. Manta

    Manta New Member

    Dark magician of chaos's ruling seems perfectly adaptable, thanks for your help.
  5. novastar

    novastar New Member

    It's because Mandatories go first and then Optionals, even if you control both.
  6. Manta

    Manta New Member

    Is it possible for my opponent to chain to sangan's effect before I activate the effct of Mobius?
  7. daivahataka

    daivahataka Gold Member

    Since the two effects are simultaneous, no, as this is a situation where the usual priority in forming chains does not apply.
    Both effects are activating and trying to resolve at the same time but can't and so must form a chain, anything your opponent activates would be activated after both and so cannot force itself into a chain link between the two.
    I'm trying to think of another example of such so as to be certain...:

    From the UDE Specific Card Questions and Answers Pages:
    You must chain "[ycard="RDS-EN050"]Divine Wrath[/ycard]" to an effect directly preceeding it in the chain. For example, if "[ycard="LOD-EN062"]Airknight Parshath[/ycard]" equipped with "[ycard="DCR-090"]Cestus of Dagla[/ycard]" attacks a Defense Position monster, "[ycard="LOD-EN062"]Airknight Parshath[/ycard]" inflicts damage to the opponent's Life Points during damage calculation. Then, during effect resolution, there are 2 simultaneous Trigger Effects that the controller places in a chain however he likes. If the effect of "[ycard="LOD-EN062"]Airknight Parshath[/ycard]" is Step 1 and "[ycard="DCR-090"]Cestus of Dagla[/ycard]" is Step 2, the opponent cannot chain "[ycard="RDS-EN050"]Divine Wrath[/ycard]". However, if "[ycard="DCR-090"]Cestus of Dagla[/ycard]" is Step 1 and "[ycard="LOD-EN062"]Airknight Parshath[/ycard]" is Step 2, "[ycard="RDS-EN050"]Divine Wrath[/ycard]" can be chained. In this case, the effect of "[ycard="LOD-EN062"]Airknight Parshath[/ycard]" that allows the controller to draw a card is negated, "[ycard="LOD-EN062"]Airknight Parshath[/ycard]" is destroyed, and the effect of "[ycard="DCR-090"]Cestus of Dagla[/ycard]" [ycard="SYE-049"]Disappear[/ycard]s before it resolves.

    Another example: if "D.D. Warrior Lady" attacks a face-down "[ycard="TP4-002"]Morphing Jar[/ycard]", and activates her effect to remove both cards from play, "D.D. Warrior Lady" is Step 1 because she is controlled by the turn player, and "[ycard="TP4-002"]Morphing Jar[/ycard]" is Step 2. So "[ycard="RDS-EN050"]Divine Wrath[/ycard]" can be chained to the effect of "[ycard="TP4-002"]Morphing Jar[/ycard]" to negate its effect, but not to the effect of "D.D. Warrior Lady" to negate her effect.
  8. Manta

    Manta New Member

    Thank you for clearing that up.

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