Shonen Jump in Washington, DC Next Year

Discussion in 'Regional Events (YGO)' started by ancient_duelist, Oct 6, 2005.

  1. ancient_duelist

    ancient_duelist Gold Member

    There will be a Shonen Jump Yu-gi-oh! TCG Championship in Washington, DC (well, actually in College Park, MD at the University of Maryland) next year on April 8-9, 2006. This will not be showing up on the official lists until 3 months before the event, but the TO has asked me to help find qualified judges interested in working at this event. She has never hosted anything of this size (Regionals usually draw 180-200 players) and we will definitely need some help judging something this big. She would really like to get some Level 2 and 3 judges (I am hoping to take the Level 2 test at this). So, mark your calendars and if you are interested drop me a PM or an email to and I will put you on the list of potential judges. Please mention your previous experience in judging as she wants judges with experience in major events if possible. I don't know how many she will end up using, but I expect there will be room for quite a few. I'll put out more details as they become available.
  2. masterwoo0

    masterwoo0 NINJA4LIFE

    Im there buddy! As long as I don't end up deploying or anything else before then, you can count me in. I'll send a PM and email with my info.
  3. helpoemer316

    helpoemer316 Will game for food

    I'm interested in judging, a few people at Dreamwizards (if they're the TO) will already know me from my judging with Star City in VA, NC, SC, KY, etc.

    I'll drop you an email, I'm interested in going to the event as long as I have no prior engagements that weekend. But as of right now my calander looks clear, my birthday's just a couple of days before that event anyways, so it should be a fun week all around, lol.
  4. ancient_duelist

    ancient_duelist Gold Member

    I will keep my fingers crossed that you don't deploy and hope you will be here in April!
  5. ancient_duelist

    ancient_duelist Gold Member

    Yes, it is Dream Wizards. This will be the biggest event they have ever hosted. Hope you can make it.
  6. djp952

    djp952 New Member

    WOW! The closest event ever to me! 23.21 miles! (The usual Rockville location is 36 miles from here)

    I can't not sign up for SOMETHING here. While I hold the LV1 certification, like just about everyone else, I have no experience to draw on, and don't feel that qualified to be doing it for the first time at an SJC.

    Let me know if you think there's something I can do to help, even if it's "study hard, step up, and judge".

    :D Coolness.
  7. helpoemer316

    helpoemer316 Will game for food

    It'd be cool for you to show up there just so we can meet up, ;). I'm sure we could even get Alex to drive down from PA... that would just be scary though, the 3 of us... yeah... lol.
  8. TheOne

    TheOne Team YGONW

    Looking forward to the event. Just spent 3 weeks on the east coast. I am not sure if I will be out there. But I would be interested in Judging... Kinda a long walk from Oregon. : )

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