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Discussion in 'Rules Questions (YGO)' started by Tkwiget, Jun 21, 2005.

  1. Tkwiget

    Tkwiget Da Twiggy Man!

    I was wondering about this card lately for a possible Dimensional Dragon type of deck. Just for something to pass the time I was pondering on [ycard="SKE-023"]Spirit Ryu[/ycard]'s card text.

    It says that you can discard 1 Dragon-Type monster card from your hand to give it 1000 attack and defense during the Battle Step of the Battle Phase. This is where Spell Speed 2 can be activated and [ycard="SKE-023"]Spirit Ryu[/ycard] would fall under that effect speed category I assume. So here is the real question that I have because I am basing this off of the [ycard="DB2-EN171"]Injection Fairy Lily[/ycard] ruling with the Battle Phase.

    Can [ycard="SKE-023"]Spirit Ryu[/ycard] discard multiple Dragon cards during the Battle Step or is this like Lily and can only pump once???
  2. chaosruler

    chaosruler New Member

    It can discard multiple times.

  3. Tkwiget

    Tkwiget Da Twiggy Man!

    I need to know why though. Not if he can or not. That's not the importance of this question because if he can then it just makes my deck building design a little better, I need to know why he can so I can explain it to a player if they question that ability.
  4. chaosruler

    chaosruler New Member

    He can discard several times because the effect doesn't put a restriction on the # of Dragons you can discard, hence as many as you have or more.

  5. Tkwiget

    Tkwiget Da Twiggy Man!

    Yeah but if that was the case then Lily would have the same shot at pumping more points onto her attack score right? So if Lily was ruled to have a set number of times without her card text reading a limited number of times it can be used then Ryu either should have a limited use of one activation because it's one Battle Step being used or Lily shouldn't have a limit.

    That's just how I see it.
  6. chaosruler

    chaosruler New Member

    They actually ruled IFL's increase as being only once per Damage Step.

  7. Tkwiget

    Tkwiget Da Twiggy Man!

    Well in any case I need a better explaination than what you gave me. Trust me, once someone sees this card in action from my wierd playing style, they'll question it and demand a ruling. -_- People that get owned always do.
  8. chaosruler

    chaosruler New Member

    Ask Andrew, hell I'll ask him for you.

  9. How did I get volunteered?


    1) [ycard="SKE-023"]Spirit Ryu[/ycard]'s effect is an Ignition effect. Speed 1 only. So you're not chaining it.
    2) His effect can only be activated in the Battle Step. This is where the attack is declared. Because you can activate multiple chains during this step, as long as you have Dragons in your hand, you can discard them 1 at a time to keep raising [ycard="SKE-023"]Spirit Ryu[/ycard]'s effect. You can't discard say 4 in one shot. 1 at a time and your opponent get's the chance to respond/chain.

    [ycard="LOD-EN100"]Injection Fairy Lily[/ycard] on the other hand is a) a Multi-Trigger effect so it's speed 2 and b) can only be activated in the Damage Step. Now while multiple chains can occur during the damage step, there's only 1 point where ATK/DEF modifying effects can be activated (so there will be only 1 chain).

    Now you're probably thinking "if it's Multi-Trigger, why can't I chain the activation of the effect to the activation of the effect?" Good question. The only answer I can give you is "because it was ruled that way." It's in the FAQ. In fact, outside of the Spell/Trap Negators ([ycard="DR1-EN160"]Dark Paladin[/ycard], Horus LV8, [ycard="MOV-EN002"]Sorcerer of Dark Magic[/ycard]), I can't think of any other Multi-Trigger effect monster that can activate its effect twice in the same chain. (That said, people are probably going to come up with a bunch of examples. Please don't it's not important).

    But that's essentially your main difference: when the effects are activated - The battle step vs. the damage step.
  10. novastar

    novastar New Member

    Well the gist of it is there...

    Now that UDE graced us with the knowledge of multiple chains at the Battle Step, it might have very well changed the functionality of [ycard="SKE-023"]Spirit Ryu[/ycard].

    In the past, it could infact chain to itself (the only Ignition i knew that could), until you either stopped or the opponent decided to chain to it.

    Andrew's explaination (although unofficial) seems to be the more mechanically correct way of performing it. Infact the text seems to have been altered in order to reflect the proper use.

    [ycard="LOD-EN100"]Injection Fairy Lily[/ycard] is limited to "once per Damage Step" for the simple reason that you could just drop her on your first turn and attack for the win by activating 3 times (of course with an open field). That would of course be ridiculous....
  11. Tkwiget

    Tkwiget Da Twiggy Man!

    Andrew, Novastar, and John, thanks for helping me with this ruling. =)
  12. soulwarrior

    soulwarrior New Member

    As far as I know, one thing ALL ignition effects have in common is that you can only activate them in your own MAIN PHASES.

    The effect of this card might be an optional trigger or a multitrigger, but it can't be an ignition effect.

    Just my 2 cents...

    soul :cool:
  13. anthonyj

    anthonyj New Member

    It is an ignition effect. So is [ycard="CT2-EN002"]Exarion Universe[/ycard]. They can be activated in the Battle Step because that is when the effect text requires them to be activated.
  14. FelixChCh

    FelixChCh New Member

    I think I have understood this - wish I had read this yesterday.

    So, when my son makes me pick up 7 dragons through his abuse of [ycard="SRL-EN077"]Cyber Jar[/ycard], in my turn I get to summon Spririt Ryu, declare an attack and then repeatedly activate [ycard="SKE-023"]Spirit Ryu[/ycard]'s effect pumping it to 7000 attack?

    If this is so I can see I have misunderstood this card from day 1. I never considered multiple activations :)
  15. Tkwiget

    Tkwiget Da Twiggy Man!

    Well, you'd have to have quite a few high level dragons to equal seven. But yes, you can activate it multiple times to gain multiples of 1000 attack.
  16. OKShadow

    OKShadow OKC's Dark Duelist

    It happened in the new season of YuGiOh Grand Championship (KC Grand Prix). Using [ycard="IOC-032"]Heart of the Underdog[/ycard], the player kept drawing normal dragons and then discarded them to pump [ycard="SKE-023"]Spirit Ryu[/ycard] to 8000 for a one hit kill.
  17. Harti1990

    Harti1990 New Member

    Why can you use the effect multiple times in one Battle Step?

    One possibility was to chain up the effects.
    But that would not be legal because it is a Spell Speed 1 Effect.. o_O

    The other possibility was to discard e.g. 7 Dragon-Type monsters at a time.
    That also would not be legal, because the effect says:
    'Discard 1 Dragon-Type monster...'

    So tell me how can you get the ATK of [ycard="SKE-023"]Spirit Ryu[/ycard] to an amount of 8000... o_O
  18. DaGuyWitBluGlasses

    DaGuyWitBluGlasses New Member

    You're allowed an unlimited number of chains during the damage step. So once one chain is done resolving, you may activate [ycard="SKE-023"]Spirit Ryu[/ycard]'s effect again.
  19. skey23

    skey23 Council of Heroes

    Densetsu_x gave the answer earlier in this thread.

    Basically the reason it because the effect has not been limited to a specific number of times per turn.
    Also, you can have multiple activation/response chains during the battle step/phase, provided the timing is correct.

    So basically you do the following:
    1. Enter your Battle Step.
    2. Declare the activation of the effect.
    3. Discard a dragon.
    4. Wait for opponent to respond.
    5. If no response, then increase ATK by 1000.
    6. Rinse and repeat until you are out of dragons, or just satisfied with the ending ATK of "[ycard="SKE-023"]Spirit Ryu[/ycard]".
    7. Enter Damage Step..blah..blah..blah..

    Somebody please correct me if I missed anything, or am totally out of my mind wrong here....lol...thanks.
  20. novastar

    novastar New Member

    Based on the multiple chain points at the Battle Step, and the fact that [ycard="SKE-023"]Spirit Ryu[/ycard]'s effect is an Ignition, that would seen like the correct procedure.

    The old rulings actually allowed this effect to be chained to itself.

    I think this logic makes more sense.

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