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Discussion in 'Suggestions/Feedback' started by Digital Jedi, Dec 9, 2013.

  1. Digital Jedi

    Digital Jedi Administrator Staff Member

    At some point, the Facebook integration will need to be removed from the site due to a lack of decent integrations for vB3. It might be a while before I can write a custom one for CoG.

    Until then, give me some feedback on this idea. Would you use, or do you think new users would appreciate a Steam login/registration?


    Same principle as the Facebook one. Login, register or connect your Steam account to your existing profile:

    My thinking, and why I'm leaning towards this, is to make this community more gamer-centric. Encourage gamers, many of whom already have a Steam account, to sign up quickly and with little fuss. Since we're in the position of rebuilding a forum, we're in a somewhat more difficult position. So I want to consider any new potential ideas to refresh our forum with some new ideas.
  2. barty64

    barty64 Moki The Monkey Boy Staff Member

    This could work, it shouldn't do the site any harm from having the option there, I am someone who would defiantly consider connecting my CoG and Steam accounts.
    Have you considered doing the same with PSN and Xbox Live accounts or is that just not possible?
    Obviously the Facebook option would probably end up more desirable as soon as it can be coded into the site.
  3. Digital Jedi

    Digital Jedi Administrator Staff Member

    I'ts possible X-Box has one, if they have some kind of API for developers. One of the reason I was considering Steam was because there's specifically a script available I can add to this site ready made. I haven't seen one for X-Box, other than assorted ways to embed one's gamercard.

    The Facebook login is decidedly one I will add (most modern forum scripts already come with it by default), but the ready made ones have all been abandoned and were never updated after breaking Facebook changes. I'll just have to code it myself when I get the time. There's a few things about it I'm not familiar with, so it would take some time.
  4. barty64

    barty64 Moki The Monkey Boy Staff Member

    This thread has got me thinking today about the MTG group I joined on Facebook, the page is quite active with 140 members(including me), the problem for the group it seems to me is that they might need a somewhere a bit more organized then a Facebook page, which leads me to ask, If these guys are willing to come to this forum, would it be possible to set-up a section for them?
  5. Defector

    Defector New Member

    The steam idea sounds like a good idea. as steam is the main form of pc gaming and the site is called city of gamers. it could then open a new wave of community and wider range range of gaming forums and discussion.
    Just a thought
  6. Digital Jedi

    Digital Jedi Administrator Staff Member

    Sure, as a matter of fact, we used to. It was just inactive for a number of years, so I archived it. But we could set something back up. For Facebook users, it might be tricky coaxing them to come over. Some of them already see their Page or Group as a place to have discussion, and don't see the point of going to another website to do the same things. We'd have to somehow demonstrate how a forum is better for discussion of niche topics, and how it's not meant to replace Facebook, but supplement it. And, of course, we'd need some content.

    Do you think anyone would be interested in contributing well written M:TG articles to the site?

    That's my thinking, too. Of course, I'll need to give them a reason to stick around. But that's part of my next strategy after the soft open. :]
  7. barty64

    barty64 Moki The Monkey Boy Staff Member

    OK I'll try and find out and I'll get back to you on this when it's clear what will happen one way or another.
    Edit: I've asked the guy who runs the group just in case and he replied by saying that they have already setup a forum for themselves, but he said that I should feel free to post a link in the group, so I can't guarantee anything on that front, sorry.
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  8. Digital Jedi

    Digital Jedi Administrator Staff Member

    Not a problem, thanks for that. Magic is hard to get the ball rolling since it's so firmly established for so long on other websites. What we need is an angle. Someplace that's doing something for the Magic community that's lacking, or isn't done as well, elsewhere. If you have any ideas along those lines, I'm open to them. Even if it's a long term tactic.
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  9. jinzo64

    jinzo64 New Member

    why not set up a facebook page to promote the cog site

    I'm not sure if the current members of cog could contribute a well writen article on mtg :D
    but I think somthing could be contributed.

    we could mention cog in our banditinquisition videos when we do some (if we do some) -_-()

    not sure what content you could put up but how about a youtube channel

    just throwing suggestions around like some mad man with a bucket full rocks
  10. Digital Jedi

    Digital Jedi Administrator Staff Member

    You mean like or :D

    Well, I haven't made a YouTube video in forever. So that's not up-to-date. But Facebook I've been trying to keep active with gaming related stuff and updates about the site's status over the last couple of years. But, hey, anywhere you want to promote us that's great.

    Currently we have a web presence at these locations:

    Google+: CogonlineNet

    I've spent more time on the Facebook Page than any of the others, but I'll be updating them simultaneously from now on. Cyberknight used to promote us in his videos along with some other successful YouTube "YugiTubers", but I'll have to make contact with them and reevaluate some promotion options after I get the soft open ready. Which I'm hoping I can do really, really, really soon.
  11. Digital Jedi

    Digital Jedi Administrator Staff Member

  12. jinzo64

    jinzo64 New Member

  13. Digital Jedi

    Digital Jedi Administrator Staff Member

    After looking a little more closely at the Steam Connect login, it is apparently not compatible with vB3. I'm not sure how I missed that. :(

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