the best warrior deck

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  1. Monsters(15):
    x3 Blade Knight
    x1 Black Luster Soldier- Envoy of the beggining
    x1 Chaos emperor dragon- Envoy of the end
    x1 Don Zaloog
    x1 Exiled force
    x1 cyber jar
    x1 witch of the black forest
    x1 magician of faith
    x1 sangan
    x1 jinzo
    x1 marauding captain
    x1 d. d. warrior lady
    x1 breaker the magical warrior

    x1 Raigeki
    x1 Harpie's feather duster
    x1 Dark hole
    x1 Pot of greed
    x1 Graceful Charity
    x1 Mystical space typhoon
    x1 Heavy storm
    x1 Painful choice
    x2 Reinforcement of the army
    x1 Monster reborn
    x1 Premature burial
    x1 Change of heart
    x3 Warrior returning alive
    x1 Delinquent duo

    x1 Torrential tribute
    x1 Mirror Force
    x1 Solemn judgment
    x1 Imperial order
    x1 Raigeki break
    x2 Sakuretsu armor
    x1 Compulsory evacuation device
  2. shadowdragon

    shadowdragon leet is for losers

    this isnt really a great warrior deck, just one that use's [ycard="CT1-EN002"]Blade Knight[/ycard](and from looking at it not very well.) and its got ced(pointless with bls) and bls(pointless with ced) and a decent warrior deck shoudnt need either, i have neither and mine wins a fair we duels.

    as for surgestions

    - [ycard="DB1-EN067"]Jinzo[/ycard]
    + Freed the machless general
    + [ycard="IOC-014"]Freed the Brave Wanderer[/ycard]

    - bls

    +[ycard="CT1-EN003"]Command Knight[/ycard] x2
    +Maruding Captain x1

    +Fusion Sword Musasame Blade x1-3


    + 1-3 blindy loyal goblins(a vry undreated warrior monster imo)

    and possibley

    +1-2 [ycard="SRL-EN096"]Gaia Power[/ycard]
  3. Fuzzman

    Fuzzman Unleash the Beast

    There are better attacking warriors than [ycard="CT1-EN002"]Blade Knight[/ycard]. Like [ycard="PSV-EN094"]Goblin Attack Force[/ycard], Gearfreid the Iron Knight. Why not replace [ycard="CT1-EN002"]Blade Knight[/ycard]s with them or [ycard="SYE-015"]Dark Blade[/ycard]s If you wan't to use chaos.
  4. Chaos Monarch

    Chaos Monarch New Member

    u could try the BLS combo painful+BlS,2 lights,1 dark, and sinister+a warrior returning alive in hand= instant BLS
  5. Rainb0wSix E1ite

    Rainb0wSix E1ite New Member

    To me, it looks like this is a basic Chaos Emperor burn deck. Very traditional, and one of the worst made decks in my opinion. They work well, I give you that, but they were abused, thus now, banned.
  6. Jason_C

    Jason_C Banned

    This is a traditional deck. Hence the banned cards.

    I like to tech in [ycard="PSV-EN101"]Gearfried the Iron Knight[/ycard] x2 and smoke grenade of the theif x2, but that might not work so well in traditional. I dunno, I don't play Trad.

  7. Apachaka

    Apachaka New Member


    Also in my opinion no Warrior deck is not complete without cards that stop counters because warriors deck like to wipe out ure enemy ASAP so I recommend adding Royal Decree (Jinzo effect in a trap), Trap Jammer/ Seven Tools of the Bandit (Stop 1 trap card) or Trap Stun (Negates all traps for one turn). Without even 1 i've seen a warrior deck being the one being wiped.

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