The Dark Dimension (Dark RFP)

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  1. Dimensionruler

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    Before I show this deck, let me tell you a bit about my play style. All my decks revolve around some form of RFP (Remove From Play). I've been doing this since Skull Lair and Gren Maju Da Eiza where released and I will continue to do so until I'm totally out of ideas (so for ALONG time). I'm more of a causal player, but I do build my decks to run as competitively as I can without falling into the "meta". If the card doesn't fit the theme, the card doesn't go into the deck.

    Now with further Ado, The Dark Dimension:

    Monsters: 20
    Gren Maju Da Eiza x3
    Giant Germ x3
    Peten the Dark Clown x3
    Kuriboh x3
    Dark Necrofear x2
    Giant Orc x2
    Prometheus, King of the Shadows
    Dark Ruler Ha Des
    Caius the Shadow Monarch
    Snipe Hunter

    Magic Cards: 16
    Soul Release x2
    Flute of Summoning Kuriboh x2
    Allure of Darkness x2
    Smashing Ground
    Chaos End
    Monster Reborn
    D.D.R. - Different Dimension Reincarnation
    Lightning Vortex
    Mystical Space Typhoon
    Heavy Storm
    Giant Trunade

    Traps: 4
    Return from The Different Dimension
    Escape from The Dark Dimension
    Torrential Tribute
    Mirror Force

    I have 2 basic rules to this deck:
    1. The monsters MUST be Dark.
    2. The monsters MUST be Fiends.

    If you make a monster suggestion they must meet BOTH rules unless you can give a plausible reason to make an exception to one rule but you can not break both rules. For instance, Gren Maju Da Eiza and Peten the Dark Clown both break one rule, but follow the other because they further the playability and theme of the deck. Evil Hero Gainer I'm interested in taking out for something else.

    Any Questions, Suggestions, Ratings you would like to give would be much appreciated and I will try to return the favor. I'm more at home in RFP formats then others though, so I may not be able to do much more then Rate.
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  2. Dillie-O

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    Hey Dimensionruler, sorry for the long delay. Totally uncalled for on my end...

    I'm liking what I see here. I haven't seen Peten maxed out in a while in a deck, which I bet really helps the RFP. Things look pretty solid here two. Off the top of my head, I can see only a couple suggestions...

    1. Have you thought about the "viral" cards in this deck, DDV and CCV? Peten, Germ, and Kuriboh help meet the CCV requirements and your heavy hitters, plus potentially Promethius all make the DDV requirements. I've always like a bit of disruption in my deck, and I think this can help.

    2. Sangan looks like it could fit in here as a nice searcher, have you tried that out yet?

    Other than that, I'm still a little foggy (need more coffee) on other suggestions. The deck looks solid all in all and now it becomes more of, how does it play for you and what are the typical weaknesses you encounter with it?

    Hope this helps!
  3. 1cup

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    since dillie bumped the thread, i'll toss in my cent.

    whenever i build a fiend deck, two monster groups immediately come to mind:
    1. dark world
    2. huge ATK

    1. dark world is pretty straightforward and simple. you swarm the field as you build your hand (if you're playing with card of safe return). or it allows for field control while refreshing your hand (dark world dealings, card destruct, dark world lightning with broww).

    and if when they end up in the grave, they're necrofear fodder.
    let alone summoning special summoning several dark worlds then normal summoning goblin king.

    2. if huge ATK was so easy why doesn't everyone do it? it requires a little bit of work.
    working with tokens, fires of doomsday on NTP's turn then normal summoning phantom skyblaster leads to a field full of tokens. you can then tribute the fiend ones (skyblaster + 2 tokens) for raviel. an option instead of fires of doomsday, is Evil Hero Infernal Prodigy. special summon him and then do the same combo. OR, special summon prodigy, special summon grinder golem to opponent's side, with 3 fiends (1x prodigy, 2x grinder tokens) special summon raviel. or creature swap to your opponent a token and attack through it

    using grinder golem you could even use it as your chance for inferno tempest (personally, i've been waiting for the cards to make this a viable strategy). this sets you up to draw into your d.d.r/escape and makes gren maju at 4000 (assuming you removed 10 monsters, which should be most of the time and usually removing more than 10)

    Inferno Tempest
    Quick-Play Spell

    When you take 3000 or more Battle Damage from 1 attack, you can activate this card. Remove all monsters in each player's Deck and Graveyard from play.
    if you were looking for virus control, you should definately run phantom of chaos.
    he becomes your flexible ATK number for whatever virus card you have set from a previous turn.

    if you were willing to overlook the DARK requirement, you could also run lava golem with grinder, play owner's seal and swing with 2 3000 ATK monsters

    if you were willing to overlook the FIEND requirement, in that token build, you could run d-hero plasma to take the freshly summoned grinder golem and have a 3400 ATK one-sided skill drain

    if you were willing to overlook both requirements:
    • you could also run a spell striker (special summon to normal summon caius, and rfg's a spell to help feed gren maju)
    • chaosrider and diskblade rider can also help remove spells and normal traps to help feed gren maju as well
    • card trooper and bazoo to feed and clear monsters from your GY
    just my thoughts.
  4. Dimensionruler

    Dimensionruler Block Head

    Dillie - O:
    1. I have considered the virus cards, however; Crush is so expensive and impossible to get that I'd never even attempt to get one to use to play, and while I have no doubt that DDV and EEV would be great cards to use in this deck, I just can't find the room to run them. If and when Crush becomes massed produced so that poor folks like me can get them, I will work on a Virus side deck.
    2. Sangan, Snipe Hunter, 3rd Kuriboh, 2nd Prometheus tend to flip in and out of the deck and random. I can never decide on rather I should run them or not so when I want to try something out they are typically the onces that get targeted as substitutes. They all work well occasionally, but can fail horribly as well.
    3. All in all it plays pretty well, all I really need is drawing power to speed up the deck. A classic problem with most/all RFP decks is that you burn through your hand quickly to complete card combos that are essential to the deck. As you can suspect, a hand is more important in these decks then most others, without a hand how can you complete the combo?

    The other problem I seem to have with this deck is the repetition. I need multiple copies of these cards in the deck, but it usually hurts when they show up at the same time in my hand, or if the late game cards show up early. I've tested Mallets and Snipe Hunter to correct this problem but the Mallets are to inconsistent (If I replaced 3 cards I usually drew at least 1 of the same card back) and Snipe just burns through my hand, which as I stated before is a problem.

    While you didn't really suggest anything for this particular deck that I'd want to do, you did suggest a card I've never looked at before (Grinder Golem) that I will HAVE to use to rebuild my old DD Dynamite deck. I had to stop running the deck after Scapegoats got limited because the classic strategy was to play Lava Golem, Kamikaze a Goat Token and play Inferno Tempest to deal massive damage with DD Dynamites. Grinder will make it a lot easier to set up the key strategy, it also opens up room for more cards to help me stall the duel, remove my opponents cards, and recycle the DD Dynamites into my hand (Mask of Darkness, Shallow Grave, Spear Cretin).

    As I stated in my first post, I won't ignore both of my 2 rules for this deck (Monsters must be Dark and Fiend). If you can make a plausible argument for a specific card I might test it out and see how it plays, but I won't ignore both. The deck synergies to well to want to destroy it.
  5. Dillie-O

    Dillie-O Council of Heroes

    Magical Mallet is a card that has helped me in many decks when I'm having some consistency issues. I could see one slipping in here to help you out with the dead hands. I could see even two going in here. Sure the count goes up to 42, but I find that agreeable to fiend decks and since the two cards are helping recycle the hand to your advantage, it could help.

    Say, do you have a second to peek at the Fiendosity deck I posted? I'd love your insights.
  6. Dimensionruler

    Dimensionruler Block Head

    I just updated the Deck. Tell me what you think of the newest build.

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