The (Light/Dark/Earth)-Hex-Sealed Fusion

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    Forgive me for asking another question on a card that isn't even quite out yet, and forgive me for this being so complicated, but with the pre-release this Saturday, I had some questions about this card I was hoping I could possibly get answered before then. For reference, I'll be using the Dark one in my post here, as it will be the only one with possible uses for its text in the booster tournament.

    The Dark-Hex-Sealed Fusion
    You can substitute this card for any 1 fusion-material monster. When you do this, the other fusion-material monster(s) must be the correct one(s). Tribute Fusion-Material monsters on the field, including this card to special summon 1 dark fusion monster from your fusion deck.

    I like this card a lot to begin with, 1800-2000 defense would've made it extremely sweet, but it's already good as far as Fusion Material goes. The wording is a little vague though, on the second effect. My question is this:

    While its on the field, can the other monster be any monster at all, or must it be one of the proper ones to pull the corresponding DARK monster out? Examples for the tournament being:

    (1)I have Dark-Hex on the field, and any one other creature...
    Can I tribute them both for ANY Dark Fusion monster? (In this case, Gatling Dragon or King Dragun, outside this tourney anything Dark at all.)

    (2)I have Dark-Hex on the field, and Divine Dragon Ragnorak...
    (a)Can I tribute them both for King Dragun or Gatling Dragon?
    (b)Or (sadly, my guess) can I tribute them both for only King Dragun?

    Gatling Dragon
    Dark/Machine - Fusion/8/2600/1200
    “Barrel Dragon†+ “Blowback Dragonâ€

    King Dragun
    Dark/Dragon - Fusion/7/2400/1200
    “Lord of D.†+ “Divine Dragon Ragnorakâ€

    Outside of the booster tournament, in normal play, the same questions apply, but get slightly more involved...
    If (1) applies, are a Hex and two monsters required for tribute to summon BEUD or another Fusion requiring three monsters, or just the proper Hex and any other creature?
    If (2b) applies, to summon BEUD, would I need Light-Hex and two BEWD, or just Light-Hex and one BEWD?

    If it's (2a), then things get really complicated, but I'll use Witch of the Black Forest for my example, since she's commonly used, and in a Light and Dark fusion both....
    Light-Hex and Witch: Only Musician King, ANY Light Fusion at all, or any Light Fusion except BEUD unless I add another fusion-material like Zombyra, Dark Magician, Buster Blader, etc?
    Dark-Hex and Witch: Only Sanwitch, ANY Dark Fusion, or ditto to the above for an appropriate three-monster Dark Fusion?
    Earth-Hex and Witch: Won't work, ANY Earth Fusion, or ditto to the above for an appropriate three-monster Earth Fusion?

    I don't count Dark Paladin, Dark Balter, Ryu Senshi, the X-Y-Z Fusions, and any others I might've missed with special restrictions for the obvious reasons stated on their respected cards, but correct me if I'm wrong there.

    Worst case scenario, Earth-Hex + Des Kangaroo = Master of Oz funtime!
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    The Key line is:
    "When you do this, the other fusion-material monster(s) must be the correct one(s)"
    meaning that the other monster must be one of the components in the fusion monster that you wish to summon, so in your example only (b) King Dragun would be an option.

    For BEUD once again I point you to the line above and the presence of the (s) after monster, meaning that if more than 2 monsters are required to fusion summon a monster then using this fusion sub monster will only negate the need for one of them and so you'll still need to also have 2 BEWD to fusion with it for BEUD. Hope this clears it up for you.

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