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  1. sillydraco

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    Da Rules:
    1. I wont trade one of my BEWD! so dont ask! i only have them listed (below Rules) so you know if you have one i dont have. if you DO have one i dont, offer! ill prolly give you something good for it.
    2. no ripping or i WILL file mail fraud, i WILL contact the Better Business Bureau, and i WILL track you down, dont test me.
    3. If you want something...make an offer! post what you have from my wants list plz. i will check lists tho ^^
    4. please send all cards in toploaders, and sleeved.
    5. Please ask for condition.
    6. Please sign one of the following cards in ink. I will send a common signed if you wants, something other than one of the listed.

    Common / Fox Fire
    Common / Volcanic Rat
    Common / Chrysalis Pantail
    Common / Chrysalis Chicky
    Common / Chrysalis Pinny
    Common / Chrysalis Larva
    Common / Chrysalis Mole

    BEWD Count: 58 NFT
    (1st ed cards are labeled as such) Quantity / Rarity / Set

    x2 Secret / BPT-003
    x2 Secret / BPT-009
    x6 Secret / FL1-EN001
    x4 Ultra / LOB-001
    x1 Ultra / LOB-EN001
    x7 Super / SKE-001 (1st Edition)
    x6 Super / SKE-001
    x1 Secret / DDS-001
    x1 Ultra / SDK-001 (1st Edition)
    x13 Ultra / SDK-001
    x1 Ultra / DB1-EN098
    x1 Secret / PCK-001
    x1 Ultra / JMP-001 <--- (absolutely my favoritest card I own ^^)

    x1 Ultra / LDD-SP001 (1st Edition)
    x3 Super / SKE-SP001 (1st Edition)

    x2 Ultra / DIK-P001 (1st Edition)

    x1 Ultra / SDK-G001

    x1 Ultra / SDK-E001

    x1 Ultimate / SM-51 "Spell of Mask" booster
    x1 Ultra / LB-01 "Legend of Blue-Eyes White Dragon" booster
    x1 Ultra / EX-49 EX-R Box Set
    x1 Ultra / DL2-001
  2. sillydraco

    sillydraco New Member


    (Quantity / Rarity / Name)

    Misc Wants:
    BEWD figures / Dungeon Dice things
    Any Dragon Plushies
    GBA SP charger
    GBA Micro charger

    Major Wants
    Secret / Light and Darkness Dragon
    x3 Super / Dark Bribe
    x2 Any / Solemn Judgement
    Secret / Necroface
    Secret / Soultaker
    x3 Super / Updraft
    x2 Common / Decoy Dragon

    Deck Wants
    BEWD Deck
    x2 Ultimate / Ancient Rules
    x3 Secret / Mist Archfiend
    x2 Super / Dust Tornado
    x3 Ultimate / Cyber Dragon
    x3 Ultimate / Gene-Warped Warwolf
    x3 Ultimate / Birthright

    Horus Deck
    x3 Parallel / Spear Dragon
    x3 Parallel / Royal Decree
    x2 Super / Exploder Dragon

    Deckout Deck
    x3 Ultra / Needle Worm
    x2 Super / Needle Worm

    Burn Deck
    x3 Common / Secret Barrel
    x3 Common / Des Koala
    x3 Common / Just Desserts
    x3 Common / Raigeki Break
    x3 Common / Dark Snake Syndrome
    x3 Common / Needle Ceiling
    x3 Common / Solar Flare Dragon
    x3 Common / Threatening Roar

    Collection Wants:
    x1 Secret / Dragon Ice
    Any / (Foreign) Blue-Eyes White Dragon
    Any / 1998 Bandai BEWD, BEUD
    Any / (English) Blue-Eyes White Dragon

    Minor Wants
    x1 Rare / Cyber Dragon
    x1 Secret / Cyber Dragon
    x1 Common / Pyramid of Light
    x2 Common / Exiled Force
    x1 Any / Goblin Black Ops
    x1 Common / Return from the Different Dimension
    x1 Common / Truckroid /

    Any / Cloudian Cards
    Any / Spanish Cards
  3. sillydraco

    sillydraco New Member


    What i have for trade:
    (1st ed cards are labeled as such) Quantity / Rarity / Name / Condition

    New Cards:
    (1st ed cards are labeled as such) Quantity / Rarity / Name / Condition (Non Mint - Average - Mint)
    x2 Ultra / Felgrand Dragon / Mint
    x1 Super / Javelin Beetle / Mint
    x1 Super / Dark Hole (1st Edition) / Mint (Spanish)
    [FONT=&quot]x1 Super / Zera Ritual / Mint

    Tiger Axe, Yugioh Online Duelpass (scratched but not used as my compy was incompatable)
    Celtic Guardian, Yugioh Online Duelpass
    Gaia the Fierce Knight, Yugioh Online Duelpass

    Sets: NOTE: will only trade as a full set
    x2 Common / V-Tiger Jet (1st Edition) / Mint
    x2 Common / W-Wing Catapult (1st Edition) / Mint
    x1 Super / X-Head Cannon (1st Edition) / Mint
    x1 Super / Y-Dragon Head (1st Edition) / Mint
    x1 Super / Z-Metal Tank (1st Edition) / Mint
    x1 Rare / VW-Tiger Catapult / Mint
    x1 Common / VW-Tiger Catapult (1st Edition) / Mint
    x1 Ultra / XY-Dragon Cannon (1st Edition) / Not Mint
    x1 Super / XZ-Tank Cannon (1st Edition) / Not Mint
    x1 Super / YZ-Tank Dragon (1st Edition) / Not Mint
    x1 Secret / XYZ-Dragon Cannon / Not Mint
    x1 Super / VWXYZ Dragon Catapult Cannon / Mint
    x1 Rare / VWXYZ Dragon Catapult Cannon / Mint
    x1 Secret / Red-Eyes B. Dragon / Mint
    x1 Secret / Sebek's Blessing / Mint
    x1 Secret / Sword of Dragon's Soul / Mint
    x1 Super / Phantom Beast Cross-Wing / Mint
    x3 Super / Phantom Beast Wild-Horn / Mint
    x2 Super / Phantom Beast Thunder-Pegasus / Mint
    x1 Super / Phantom Beast Rock-Lizard / Mint
    x1 Ultra / Raviel (1st Edition) / Mint
    x1 Ultra / Uria (1st Edition) / Mint
    x1 Ultra / Hamon (1st Edition) / Mint
    x1 Secret / Raviel / Mint
    x1 Secret / Uria / Mint
    x1 Secret / Hamon / Mint
    x1 Ultra / The Wicked Dreadroot / Mint
    x1 Ultra / The Wicked Eraser / Mint
    x1 Ultra / The Wicked Avitar / Mint
    x1 Super / Cyberdark Dragon (1st Edition) / Mint
    x1 Super / Cyberdark Keel (1st Edition) / Mint
    x1 Super / Cyberdark Edge (1st Edition) / Mint
    x1 Super / Cyberdark Horn (1st Edition) / Mint
    x1 Super / Cyberdark Dragon (1st Edition) / Mint
    x1 Common / Barrier Statue of the Heavens (1st Edition) / Mint
    x1 Common / Barrier Statue of the Abyss (1st Edition) / Mint
    x1 Common / Barrier Statue of the Stormwinds (1st Edition) / Mint
    x1 Common / Barrier Statue of the Inferno (1st Edition) / Mint
    x1 Common / Barrier Statue of the Torrent (1st Edition) / Mint
    x1 Common / Barrier Statue of the Drought (1st Edition) / Mint
    x1 Common / Radient Spirit (1st Edition) / Mint
    x1 Common / Umbral Soul (1st Edition) / Mint
    x1 Common / Destruction Cyclone (1st Edition) / Mint
    x1 Common / Firestorm Prominance (1st Edition) / Mint
    x1 Common / Silent Abyss (1st Edition) / Mint
    x1 Common / Raging Earth (1st Edition) / Mint
    x1 Common / Electric Virus (1st Edition) / Mint
    x1 Common / Puppet Plant (1st Edition) / Mint
    x1 Common / Marionette Mite (1st Edition) / Mint

    Normal Monsters:
    x1 Parallel / Red-Eyes Black Dragon (Japanese) / Mint
    x1 Secret / Red-Eyes Black Dragon / Average
    x1 Secret / Dark Magician / Mint
    x3 Ultra / Red-Eyes Black Dragon / Average
    x1 Ultra / Dark Magician / Not Mint / Average
    x1 Super / Mystical Elf / Average
    x1 Super / Luster Dragon (Misprint, "#2" is left out) / Mint
    x1 Super / Luster Dragon #2/ Mint

    Fusion / Ritual Monsters:
    x1 Parallel / Cyber End Dragon / Mint
    x1 Ultra / Thousand-Eyes Restrict / Mint
    x1 Super / Cyber End Dragon / Mint
    x1 Super / Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon / Mint
    x1 Super / Zera the Mant / Mint

    Effect Monsters:
    x1 Ultimate / Gaia Soul the Combustable Collective (1st Edition) / Avarage
    x1 Ultimate / Big-Tusked Mammoth / Mint
    x1 Ultimate / Herald of Green Light / Mint
    x1 Ultimate / Ancient Gear Beast / Effect Monster / Average
    x1 Ultimate / Blazewing Butterfly (1st Edition) / Mint
    x1 Secret / Victory Dragon / Mint
    x1 Secret / Victory Dragon / Not Mint
    x1 Secret / Kuriboh (FL1) / Effect Monster / Mint
    x1 Secret / Blockman / Effect Monster / Mint
    x1 Secret / Theinen the Great Sphinx (misprint, name is not fully printed) / Mint
    x1 Secret / Rocket Warrior / Mint
    x3 Secret / Marshmallon / Mint (only for major wants)
    x1 Secret / Return Zombie / Mint
    x1 Secret / Gemini Imps / Mint
    x1 Ultra / Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon (Japanese) / Not Mint
    x4 Ultra / Spinx Thelia / Mint
    x3 Ultra / Andro Spinx / Mint
    x1 Ultra / Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon / Mint
    x3 Ultra / Infernal Flame Emperor (1st Edition) / Mint
    x1 Ultra / Ocean Dragon Lord - Neo-Daedalus (1st Edition) / Mint
    x1 Ultra / Dark Eradicator Warlock (1st Edition) / Mint
    x1 Ultra / Ancient Lamp / Mint
    x1 Ultra / Chaos Command Magician (has no back) / Not Mint
    x1 Ultra / Super Conductor Tyranno / Mint
    x1 Ultra / Barrel Dragon / Average (Spanish)
    x1 Ultra / Mazera DeVille / Mint
    x1 Ultra / Kaiser Seahorse / Mint
    x1 Ultra / Archfiend of Gilfer / Mint
    x1 Super / Toon Goblin Attack Force / Average
    x1 Super/ Aquarian Alessa (1st Edition) / Mint
    x1 Super/ Harpy Lady Sisters (Korean) / Not Mint
    x1 Super / Needle Burrower (1st Edition) / Mint
    x1 Super / Megarock Dragon / Mint
    x1 Super / Orca Mega-Fortress of Darkness (1st Edition) / Average
    x1 Super / Invader of the Throne / Average
    x2 Super / Lord of D. / SDK-041 / Not Mint
    x3 Super / Parasite Paracide (one is 1st Edition) / Mint, Not Mint, Average
    x3 Super / Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon / Mint
    x1 Super / Cloudian – Eye of the Typhoon (1st Edition) / Mint

    x1 Ultimate / Legendary Black Belt / Mint
    x1 Ultimate / Flint / Not Mint
    x1 Ultimate / Serial Spell (1st Edition) / Mint
    x1 Ultimate / Phantasmal Martyrs (1st Edition) / Mint
    x1 Ultimate / Swords of Concealing Light / Average
    x1 Secret / Diffusion Wave-Motion (1st Edition) / Mint
    x3 Secret / Marshmallon Glasses / Mint
    x1 Secret / Exchange / Mint
    x1 Ultra / Shrink (Japanese) / Not Mint
    x1 Super / Ruthless Denial / Mint
    x1 Super / Javelin Beetle Pact / Mint
    x3 Super / Shrink / Mint
    x1 Super / Mystical Space Typhoon / Mint
    x1 Super / Dark Room of Nightmare (1st Edition) / Mint
    x2 Super / Soul Exchange / Average
    x3 Super / Flute of Summoning Dragon / Not Mint
    x1 Super / Tribute to the Doomed / Average
    x1 Super / Mask of the Accursed (1st Edition) / Mint
    x1 Super / Painful Choice / Average
    x1 Super / Restructer Revolution / Average
    x1 Super / Acid Rain / Mint
    x1 Super / Graceful Charity / Mint
    x1 Super / Soul of Fire / Average
    x1 Super / Fairy Meteor Crush / Average
    x1 Super / Dark Piercing Light / Average

    x1 Ultimate / Firewall / Mint
    x1 Ultimate / D-Time / Mint
    x1 Ultimate / D.D. Trap Hole / Mint
    x1 Ultimate / Goblin out of the Frying Pan / Mint
    x1 Secret / Treasure Map / Mint
    x1 Ultra / Exchange of the Spirit / Not Mint
    x3 Super / Metalmorph / Mint
    x3 Super /Legacy of Yata-Garasu / Mint
    x1 Super / Greed / Average
    x1 Super / Backup Soldier / Average
    x1 Super / Shadow Spell (1st Edition) / Average
    x1 Super / Return Soul / Average
    x2 Super / The Grave of Enkindling / Average
    x1 Super / Null and Void (1st Edition) / Mint
    x9 Super / Gryphon Wing / Mint
  4. sillydraco

    sillydraco New Member

    Pending Trades

    none at this moment, lets try to change that!
  5. EmeraldDragon

    EmeraldDragon Bringer of Doom

    Excellent. Thanks for sticking to the layout silly. Happy trading.
  6. sillydraco

    sillydraco New Member


    anybody want anything?
  7. EmeraldDragon

    EmeraldDragon Bringer of Doom

    Im afraid youre going to have to be patient. Sometimes offers are made in seconds sometimes it takes a few days but people will start looking for stuff soon.
  8. Cyber twin king

    Cyber twin king New Member

    i have 2x birthright. i want your manticore of darkness, and what good commons/rares do you have? (needle worms, enemy controllers, stuff like that)
  9. sillydraco

    sillydraco New Member

    i dont have many good commons that arent in decks, anything in specific? (no smashing/decree/saku/mobius/) but i will trade my manticore. anything else?
  10. Cyber twin king

    Cyber twin king New Member

    wild natures release. building a beastdown.
  11. sillydraco

    sillydraco New Member

    hmm...thats a tough you have any Gilasaurus's? i just need one and any rarity will do.
  12. Cyber twin king

    Cyber twin king New Member

    nope, but they are in the dinosaur starter.
  13. sillydraco

    sillydraco New Member

    i know, i have two but i need another. i also had a beastdown deck that i used both in, but i took it apart. well...i suppose i could do that. pm me your addy and well finalize it ^^
  14. SoilentG

    SoilentG CoG iTrader

    I have some of the Mokey Mokey support cards... Mokey Mokey Smackdown x2 and Mokey Mokey King x2. Do you need those? I'm looking for some commons... check my H/W in my sig.
  15. aznpinoy91

    aznpinoy91 New Member

    hey, i was interested in the following:

    barrel behind the door 1st edition or rated '10'
    fiber jar
    super conductor tyranno
    Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon
    Reload (either one)
    Trap Jammer

  16. sillydraco

    sillydraco New Member

    sorry aznpinoy91 i didnt see anything :/

    sorry SoilentG i didnt see anything :/
  17. sillydraco

    sillydraco New Member

    anybody else? need them gilasaurus's and birthrights!
  18. I have a few things, just there was only 1 card on the list I saw that I have any interest in and you labeled it as NFT... that being the DDS BEWD.
  19. sillydraco

    sillydraco New Member

    yeah, didnt really see anything for mah dds. why does everyone want it so badly? like i know its worth 60+ on websites but sheesh...

    *knows it must be the BEWD awesomeness*
  20. Well, I have most of the wants you do have listed (including the Birthrights and Creature Swap and Needle Worm)... so it's not like I don't have anything. But no matter.

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