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Discussion in 'Rules Questions (YGO)' started by GregODonnell, May 7, 2005.

  1. GregODonnell

    GregODonnell New Member

    How's it going...

    Just picked up TER today, it states:

    As long as this remains face up on the field, other monsters cannot change their battle positions or attack.

    Does that mean, my monsters or both mine and my opponents??

    Thanks for the quick info...Greg
  2. DaGuyWitBluGlasses

    DaGuyWitBluGlasses New Member

    Both yours and your opponents' monsters cannot attack.
  3. masterwoo0

    masterwoo0 NINJA4LIFE

    Thousand- Eyes Restrict is the only one who can attack. If two TER's are on the opposite sides of the field, neither can attack.
  4. GregODonnell

    GregODonnell New Member


    So I am understanding that TER is the only monster that can attack, that is pure evil. Why aren't more people playing with it? Another quick note, are Fusion monsters considered effect monsters for the purpose of Ceasefire?

    Thanks Greg.
  5. Lord Hades

    Lord Hades New Member

    ...well here were i´m from most of the duelist play with 2 or 3 of it because it´s really easy to summon it with a "metamorphosis" to a sinister serpent or to a "scapegoat"...

    ...and for your second question yes it counts too...
  6. Gimpy'

    Gimpy' New Member

    Fusion monsters that they themselves also have effects are concidered "effect monsters", but there are fusion monsters (like Sanwich) that have no effect at all, and are thus concidered normal, for the purposes of other effects.

    TER is used, but with Magical Scientist going to the ban list, Metamorphosis is the most common way of summoning it. Most people use it, tributing a Magician of Faith, a Sinister Serpent, or a Scapegoat token for the cost, to bring out TER. It's difficulty in summoning, and the fact that your own monsters are locked out from attacking or changing position, are the main reasons it's not a "every deck" card. Other than that, it's versitile, and probably more common than you think. But, this would be a better discusion for another forum....
  7. Manta

    Manta New Member

    I disagree.

    "Normal" monsters and "monsters without effects" are actually different things.

    A normal monster, as per the rulebook itself, is a yellow monster card.

    A monster without an effect doesn't have [Reptile/effect] or similar as their card type.

    So in the case of [ycard="SOD-EN036"]Sanwitch[/ycard], it is [Spellcaster/Fusion] so it is a "monster without effect" but it is a lilac colour, so it isn't considered "normal".
  8. masterwoo0

    masterwoo0 NINJA4LIFE

    Monsters without effect are Normal Monsters whether they are yellow, purple, or blue.
  9. webwraith

    webwraith Guest

    Hi, I'm new to the forums, so please excuse me, but I'd have to agree with Manta on this one. On a side note, my mates very fond of his BEWD and Berserk dragon, so, I try to save my TER for when one of them is out on the field,then Heavy Storm him, then use TERs effect, followed by Opti-Camouflage Armour :D .

    Watch him try to stop that one without MST or Magic Jammer...
  10. Manta

    Manta New Member

    I don't get how there is a confusion here. The rulebook clearly states "A Normal monster is colour-coded YELLOW" in those exact words. Last time I checked, Lilac doesn't look like Yellow.
  11. Chillout1984

    Chillout1984 New Member

    Fusions, Rituals are NOT normal monsters.

    [ycard="PSV-EN030"]Ceasefire[/ycard] doesn't count monsters that don't have effects, like [ycard="SOD-EN036"]Sanwitch[/ycard] although it isn't a normal monster.

    [ycard="DCR-043"]Non-Spellcasting Area[/ycard] works on [ycard="SRL-EN068"]Hungry Burger[/ycard], because it doesn't have an effect, not because it's a normal monster (which of course, it isn't).
  12. masterwoo0

    masterwoo0 NINJA4LIFE

    The rule book also states that ALL effect monsters are Orange. So does that mean Ritual Monsters and Fusion Monsters with "effects" are somehow put into some new weird category since they cant really be effect-type monsters???

    You have your straight "Normal" Monsters, that are "Yellow"

    Your Straight "Effect" Monsters that are "Orange".

    The majority of the above type may be summoned to the field without special requirements being fulfilled.

    Then, you have your "Ritual" Monsters, with and without effects, and are colored "Blue"

    And lastly, you have the "Fusion" Monsters, with and without effects, and they are colored "Purple".

    These cards have summoning requirements that MUST be fulfilled.

    The second group of Monster Cards are a different type of card category and cannot be colored "Yellow" or "Orange" because of their TYPE. A Fusion and Ritual will ALWAYS be Purple and Blue, and if they have an effect, they will still remain the same color.

    If neither of these type cards have an effect, they cannot be Yellow because of their type.

    Don't get hung up on colors unless it signifies Type of Monster, Normal (Yellow), Effect (Orange), Ritual (Blue), or Fusion (Purple) for purposes of summoning.

    And everyone misses the OBVIOUS point that is being made. There are NORMAL MONSTERS within each category of type monsters, EXCEPT Effect.

    [ycard="DCR-043"]Non-Spellcasting Area[/ycard] prevents [ycard="SRL-EN068"]Hungry Burger[/ycard] from being affected by Spell Cards because he is a Ritual Monster w/o Effect (Normal Ritual).
  13. Manta

    Manta New Member

    Look like I was lied to, but why did they suddenly change the effect text from "monsters without effects" to "normal". Was this just becuase the team translating changed thier method?
  14. Well, he's right but not fully also. If you draw "[ycard="SRL-EN068"]Hungry Burger[/ycard]" while you have "[ycard="IOC-032"]Heart of the Underdog[/ycard]", that would not let you draw another card because it is a Normal Ritual Monster and not simply a Normal Monster. When the card says "Normal Monster" like "[ycard="IOC-032"]Heart of the Underdog[/ycard]", "[ycard="AST-109"]Soul Resurrection[/ycard]", "[ycard="AST-076"]Emissary of the Afterlife[/ycard]", etc. they refer ONLY to the yellow cards.
  15. Lord Hades

    Lord Hades New Member

    ...i think that all this "controversy" is getting out of the subject of this thread...
  16. masterwoo0

    masterwoo0 NINJA4LIFE

    Thats why I said that the color really refers to the grouping, but within each group (except Effect Monsters) there are Normal Monsters.

    Normal Rituals, Normal Fusions. You cant have yellow monsters in these groups, so to just call them Normal is somewhat misleading, but they ARE still Normal Monsters "within" the specific group.
  17. Raijinili

    Raijinili New Member

    They're non-effect monsters -_-. Why must you call them normal?
  18. masterwoo0

    masterwoo0 NINJA4LIFE

    Ya know... for the life of me, I've searched ALL the rule books I have, and... I JUST dont seem to find ANY mention of "Non-Effect Monsters" anywhere.

    From what I see, there are only 4 categories of monster types:

    A. Normal (Yellow)
    B. Effect (Orange)
    C. Ritual (Blue)
    D. Fusion (Purple)

    Nope, no "non-effect".

    The rule books identifies effect monsters as "orange" in color. As we all know, there are Fusion and Ritual Monsters with effects, but they are not identifed as orange in color. And the ones "without effects" are not identified as yellow either.

    There are Normal Fusions as well as Normal Ritual Monsters. Monsters "without effects" should be classified as normal within their specific monster type.

    Since Non-Spellcasting Area allows Normal Ritual/Fusion Monsters to be unaffected by Spell Cards, how can they not be classified as anything else?

    Being a Fusion or Ritual does not make the card an Effect type.

    "The effect of "Non-Spellcasting Area" includes Ritual Monsters and Fusion Monsters that do not have effects, as well as Monster Tokens."

    The ruling makes no mention of non-effect monsters, as there is no such thing.
  19. Raijinili

    Raijinili New Member

    So you basically said that there is no such thing as a monster that is not an effect monster.
  20. Lord Hades

    Lord Hades New Member shuold made a new thread about this and talk about it there...

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