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Discussion in 'General Discussion (VS)' started by DaAmazing1, Sep 7, 2005.

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  1. DaAmazing1

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    Did you ever want to know how many PC Points have use this link:


    How about your rating:

  2. skey23

    skey23 Council of Heroes

    The Google ad cuts off the right side of your post.
  3. somewan

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  4. helpoemer316

    helpoemer316 Will game for food

    You see a Google Ad in the post? Maybe you mean the thread title *Shrugs*, I don't see any problem and there shouldn't be an ad in the showthread.php file.... in any case.

    I've known what mine are for awhile but for those curious, my number is 300-007-820 and my PC Point history has 7 points listed and my rating is 2702 (ignore that stupid thing about the MAV sneak preview, that's messed up for some reason and I've emailed UDE about it twice, they've responded to me twice about and said it was fixed, but it still hasn't corrected itself when they run their rating updates on Wednesdays, *Shrugs*).
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