Wall of Wrath rock deck

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    I just realized this is the traditional board, sorry. This is advanced format. I get them mixed up allot. : (

    3 giant rat
    3 golem sentry
    3 guardian statue
    3 gigantes
    2 moai interceptor cannon
    1 neo-spacian grand mold
    2 guardian sphinx
    2 criosphinx
    2 hieracosphinx
    2 megarock dragon
    2 exxod, master of the guard
    2 great spirit

    1 return from the different dimension
    2 sakuretsu armour
    1 call of the haunted
    1 negate attack
    1 magic jammer
    1 karma cut

    1 lightning vortex
    2 chorus of the sanctuary
    1 enemy controller
    1 brain control
    1 book of moon
    1 swords of revealing light
    1 magical mallet
    1 mystical space typhoon
    2 shield and sword
    1 premature burial
    1 continuous destruction punch
    1 giant trunade
    1 heavy storm
    So far, in tournament, the only decks I've lost to were beat-down/monarch decks.

    Basically, flip your monsters, return your opponent's monsters, and attack. Getting out exxod means they take 1,000 damage for every earth monster flip summoned. (even there own) I'll be putting in a royal decree within the week.

    It's big, but the only thing I can see myself getting rid of is book of moon. Although it really helps when I attack with exxod and need him in defence again.

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