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  1. Ledah

    Ledah New Member

    Some things about evil heroes fusions...

    When a evil hero fusion monster goes to the graveyard... could you special summon them via monster reborn or re-fusion (If you use dark fusion)

    Now for another one:
    Dark calling never says anything about its special summon being "Fusion" summon, so does the evil hero is considered to be special or fusion summoned for purposes of "Non-fusion area"

    Thanks in advanced

    Dark Calling text:

    Remove from play, from your hand or your Graveyard, the Fusion Material Monsters listed on a Fusion Monster Card that can only be Special Summoned with "Dark Fusion", and Special Summon that monster from your Fusion Deck. (This Special Summon is treated as a Fusion Summon with "Dark Fusion".)
  2. Dillie-O

    Dillie-O Council of Heroes

    If you use Dark Fusion for an Evil Hero monster, you will be able to special summon it from the graveyard since there is the text in Dark Fusion that says...

    (This Special Summon is treated as a Fusion Summon).

    This essentially means that the Evil Hero was "properly summoned" and eligible for "recursion from the graveyard"

    The same thing applies to Dark Calling.

    Hope this helps!!!
  3. Entropy

    Entropy Deus Ex Machina

    [info]Evil Hero Lightning Golem
    This card cannot be Special Summoned except with "Dark Fusion". Once per turn, you can destroy 1 monster on the field.[/info]"Evil Hero" Fusions are Nomi monsters. They cannot be Special Summoned from the Graveyard, no matter how you Summon them.

    Also, "Dark Calling" and "Dark Fusion" have their Special Summons treated as Fusion Summons (because of the last line), so "Non-Fusion Area" will stop them.
  4. Ledah

    Ledah New Member

    Will it be something like this:

    Dark Calling is treated as Dark Fusion and Dark Fusion is treated as a Fusion Summon...


    Dark Calling will be a fusion summon...


    It seems I can't read anymore

  5. Maruno

    Maruno Council of Heroes Staff Member

    Take a look at the bit in bold. Yes, it's a Fusion Summon.

    It's also treated as having been Summoned by Dark Fusion, which means that the Evil Hero monster's Summoning condition is met (only Summon with Dark Fusion). In the future, there may be Evil Hero monsters that are not Nomi (i.e. they can be Special Summoned by Monster Reborn, etc. after they've been properly Fusion Summoned first); in this case, using Dark Calling will make that Evil Hero be properly Fusion Summoned the first time, so it can then be Special Summoned by any (relevant) card. This is the only reason this text is in, rather than "ignoring the Summoning condition".

    I have no idea why they can't just use the term "Fusion Summon x monster". It would make things much more convenient. Chain Material, Chthonian Polymer, Fusion Gate, Non-Fusion Area use "Fusion Summon" as a verb, but most other cards don't.

    Incidentally, a fact I'm fond of mentioning is that Polymerization says nothing about Fusion Summons. It's simply a Special Summon, according to the text. We all know it's the original Fusion card, and it does of course Fusion Summon its monster, but going by the text alone you could easily argue otherwise. And Fusion Gate is sketchy at best on how Fusion Summons work (it just says you don't need Polymerization for one, rather than specifically say how to do one).
  6. Ledah

    Ledah New Member


    I can't even read... big surprise there

  7. harvey locust

    harvey locust New Member

    just a question, where did the term Nomi come from?
  8. skey23

    skey23 Council of Heroes

    The term 'nomi' is the Japanese word for 'only'. So, a 'nomi' monster can only be summoned via the method written in its text (which is generally from the hand). That means you cannot summon that monster from the Graveyard or RFP zone even if it was summoned properly first.

    A 'Special Summon Only' monster can be brought back from the Graveyard or RFP zone if it was summoned properly first.

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