You know you spend too much time in YuGiOh! when....

Discussion in 'General Discussion (YGO)' started by DarkLogicianOfCaos, Oct 23, 2008.

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  1. germinies

    germinies New Member

    .....when you rearrange your room and find a couple ultra rare cards under your bed from 3 years ago.

    .....when you find that old joey booster pack tin and thought to yourself "when did i ever get a joey tin"

    .....when you start telling people you are chaining to their last response in your conversation.

    maruno it's still truth and dare here across the pond

    oh yeah almost forgot ....... in America
  2. harvey locust

    harvey locust New Member

    the other day some one asked me what time it was, and I sang (yes sang not said) "time to duel, now we get serious, time to duel, sights set on pegusus, must be delirious, time to duel, your not invicible yet, yet, yet yet, ye-ye-ye-ye-yet'
  3. I know i should let dying threads die... but...

    "Look Yugi, i'm riding my invisible bicycle..."

    Someone shoot me, please...
  4. DarkLogicianOfCaos

    DarkLogicianOfCaos Eschew Obfuscation

    I found myself singing (yes singing) the 5 D's song on my way out of the adminstration buiding this morning (where all my bosses office). BTW, I hate this digital TV junk. Reception isn't that great as it is, but at least with analog I could get fuzz or shadows, or something....and the sound was ALWAYS there. With the U.S. going digital, every time the signal streangth drops, it "skii-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-ips, or just leave sout whole................and I.....know........going on. AS it stands, i still don't know how Yuske's Stardust beat the Red Archfiend. And I'm a big enough YGO nerd to still be upset about it (from Saturday)!!

    Yeah, I spend too much time (and emotion) in YuGiOh!
  5. jinzo64

    jinzo64 New Member

    you know you've been playing to long when you start altering the anime story line so you can be king of games and control all 3 god cards.
    you know you've gone to far when you start mixing animes. for instance I vegeta the prince of all saiyans will win battle city gain control the Egyptian god cards and then i will be legendary.
  6. gabrele

    gabrele New Member

    WOW! justWOW:eek: i dont evan do that with all the things i'm obssed with and their is alot:hrm:!!!!!!!!!
  7. theDMKAPF

    theDMKAPF New Member

    You know you've been playing Yu-Gi-Oh! too long (or at least to much abridged) when your cooking hamburger in home ec. class and the teacher walks up too you and says chris stop cussing i dont want you singing rap in class! and you realize you were singing LK's I'm on a blimp out loud without realizing it, actually trying to imitate kaiba's, marik's, and the teddy bear's voices. i think ive dueled to that song waaaaaaaaay to much lol

    You definitely know you've been playing too long when your friends cant understand you in a convo cause you keep comparing things too Yu-Gi-Oh and occasionally without realizing it go off talking about a new combo you could possibly make a strong deck around lol

    in america...
  8. gabrele

    gabrele New Member

    you know you spend to much time on yugioh when you start memerizzing the advanced and traditional list and you dont have a computer or when you start developing social skills :p
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