Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2007

Discussion in 'Legacy Consoles (Nintendo)' started by barty64, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. barty64

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    fell free to talk any thing Yu-Gi-Oh WC07 here and i think it's all good except the for the way you get cards from the password apart from that i really like it.
  2. roadhouse007

    roadhouse007 New Member

    Password machines are just part of the Yugioh! Video Game family. Although I do like the ones where you have to have 1 copy of the card in your inventory for the password to be available for use. Like Spirit Caller (you have to beat the game before you get a Cyber Dragon!). It allows you to "trade" DP for whatever card you want, although at quite a hefty price.

    But I have heard of 2007 having a feature which allows you to Download a new banned list. That is awesome! Makes the replay value much better. As for me, I'm still playing through spirit caller and haven't really started on WC07 yet. Soon though, and then we will duel.
  3. somewan

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    I like how the card list shows you where you got the card from (which pack). That way, when you're starting off and spending DP, you can target specific packs if you want to try for more of the same cards and you forget which pack they came from.

    Another cool feature is when you duel a friend over wifi or ad-hoc, it stores that person's deck as a ghost and you can play against their deck whenever you want.

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