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    Let me know what you think of this Zombie Deck:

    1 x Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon
    1 x Paladin of Cursed Dragon
    1 x Malevolent Mech - Goku En
    1 x Double Coston
    2 x Despair from the Dark
    3 x Ryu Kokki
    3 x Zombie Mammoth
    2 x Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower
    3 x Regenerating Mummy
    2 x Zombie Master
    1 x Patrician of Darkness
    3 x The Lady In Wight
    3 x King of the Skull Servants
    2 x Skull Servant

    1 x Zombie World
    2 x Everliving Underworld Cannon
    1 x Demise of the Land
    1 x Terraforming
    2 x Field Barrier
    1 x Lightning Vortex
    1 x Monster Reborn
    1 x Pot of Greed
    1 x Ribbon of Rebirth
    2 x Book of Life
    1 x Mystic Box
    3 x Creature Swap
    1 x Card of Safe Return
    1 x Foolish Burial
    1 x Pride of the Weak
    3 x Call of the Mummy

    1 x Call of the Haunted
    1 x Zoma the Spirit
    2 x Tutan Mask
    1 x Generation Shift

    I know it would be better with more Zombie World's and associated cards but I only have 1, hence all the field card assistance cards.
  2. ddonowitz

    ddonowitz New Member

    Griggle added

    I have now added:

    1 x Griggle

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