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  1. sirch1964

    sirch1964 Don't fear da Reaper

    As always, I'm trying to make the perfect zombie deck. Rate Fix.

    Updated 10/13/05

    Monsters: 19
    Tribute: 6
    2 [ycard="SD2-EN008"]Ryu Kokki[/ycard]
    3 [ycard="DCR-000"]Vampire Lord[/ycard]
    1 [ycard="DB2-EN168"]Patrician of Darkness[/ycard]
    Normal: 13
    3 [ycard="PGD-018"]Royal Keeper[/ycard]
    1 [ycard="DCR-025"]Fear from the Dark[/ycard]
    1 [ycard="AST-013"]Vampire Lady[/ycard]
    3 [ycard="SD2-EN005"]Pyramid Turtle[/ycard]
    3 [ycard="SD2-EN009"]Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower[/ycard]
    2 [ycard="DR1-EN024"]Spirit Reaper[/ycard]

    Spell: 19
    1 [ycard="SDY-022"]Dark Hole[/ycard]
    1 [ycard="FET-EN042"]Swords of Concealing Light[/ycard]
    1 [ycard="PSV-EN034"]Nobleman of Crossout[/ycard]
    2 [ycard="SDY-041"]Soul Exchange[/ycard]
    1 [ycard="PSV-EN037"]Premature Burial[/ycard]
    1 [ycard="IOC-093"]Smashing Ground[/ycard]
    2 [ycard="DB2-EN235"]Call of the Mummy[/ycard]
    3 [ycard="SD2-EN021"]Book of Life[/ycard]
    1 [ycard="SRL-EN047"]Mystical Space Typhoon[/ycard]
    3 [ycard="PSV-EN035"]Nobleman of Extermination[/ycard]
    1 [ycard="SYE-032"]Card Destruction[/ycard]
    1 [ycard="SRL-EN036"]Snatch Steal[/ycard]
    1 [ycard="MFC-092"]My Body as a Shield[/ycard]

    Will Swap out later
    2 [ycard="TLM-EN038"]Brain Control[/ycard]
    1 [ycard="DB1-EN023"]Confiscation[/ycard]
    1 [ycard="SD2-EN020"]Creature Swap[/ycard]

    Trap: 5
    1 [ycard="DR1-EN043"]Barrel Behind the Door[/ycard]
    2 [ycard="SKE-045"]Dust Tornado[/ycard]
    1 [ycard="SD3-EN028"]Call of the Haunted[/ycard]
    1 [ycard="DCR-102"]Sakuretsu Armor[/ycard]

    19 + 19 + 5 = 43

    Side: 15
    2 [ycard="PGD-030"]Des Lacooda[/ycard]
    2 [ycard="DB2-EN243"]Statue of the Wicked[/ycard]

    1 [ycard="DR1-EN041"]Coffin Seller[/ycard]
    1 [ycard="DCR-049"]Skill Drain[/ycard]
    1 [ycard="DB1-EN072"]Graverobber[/ycard]
    1 [ycard="RDS-EN056"]Chain Burst[/ycard]
    1 [ycard="DCR-102"]Sakuretsu Armor[/ycard]
    1 [ycard="CRV-EN041"]System Down[/ycard]
    1 [ycard="DB2-EN136"]Double Snare[/ycard]
    2 [ycard="DB1-EN090"]The Shallow Grave[/ycard]
    1 [ycard="SDP-036"]Soul Release[/ycard]
    1 [ycard="RDS-EN045"]Monster Reincarnation[/ycard]
  2. Jason_C

    Jason_C Banned

    [ycard="SD2-EN011"]Double Coston[/ycard] serves no purpose, and [ycard="TLM-EN038"]Brain Control[/ycard] is limited.

  3. kingpinopie

    kingpinopie Himoura Shinta

    This deck looks really solid... REALLY SOLID... I am actually impressed to see that someone sees the value of [ycard="PGD-018"]Royal Keeper[/ycard]...

    It looks like you have 44 cards, which usually would be alot, but I think this deck has the speed to support that many cards... [ycard="SD2-EN011"]Double Coston[/ycard].... hmm.. Decent card with a decent effect but I personally dont see the reason for it in there..... I like that your whole deck can be special summoned via [ycard="SD2-EN005"]Pyramid Turtle[/ycard], you can pick the right card for the situation.... way cool....

    Gawl, besides maybe dumping [ycard="SD2-EN011"]Double Coston[/ycard] or one of the [ycard="PGD-018"]Royal Keeper[/ycard]s, I dont see any real fixes...( and the only reason i would even do that is to thin the deck, but it seems to have such speed)
    Maybe drop one [ycard="DB2-EN235"]Call of the Mummy[/ycard] for another [ycard="SD2-EN021"]Book of Life[/ycard]
  4. Evil Fiber Jar

    Evil Fiber Jar Switch Blade

    [ycard="TLM-EN038"]Brain Control[/ycard] is not Limited. You can have 3 in a deck if you like.

    You might also consider a Lightning Voltex ans 3 [ycard="SD2-EN021"]Book of Life[/ycard]s.
    Drop [ycard="SD2-EN011"]Double Coston[/ycard] for sure.
  5. sirch1964

    sirch1964 Don't fear da Reaper

    yeah that was my bad, I had other cards that i needed coston for prior to this version, thank for catching this. I updated it to reflect coston being removed. I added a [ycard="SD2-EN021"]Book of Life[/ycard], I like the nasty graveyard removal part. I don't have a [ycard="FET-EN040"]Lightning Vortex[/ycard] yet, trying to track one down for trade.
  6. sirch1964

    sirch1964 Don't fear da Reaper

    Updated Today
  7. Jason_C

    Jason_C Banned

    Personally, I wouldn't use [ycard="SDY-041"]Soul Exchange[/ycard], since you'll be summoning your tributes with [ycard="SD2-EN005"]Pyramid Turtle[/ycard].

  8. sirch1964

    sirch1964 Don't fear da Reaper

    the purpose of [ycard="SDY-041"]Soul Exchange[/ycard] in this deck is so I can choose which monster to tribute on my opponents side of the field. Very helpful when you are facing monsters like [ycard="DB1-EN067"]Jinzo[/ycard], etc...
  9. Jason_C

    Jason_C Banned

    Good point. The unsung side of [ycard="SDY-041"]Soul Exchange[/ycard]: monster removal.

    Hmm... Maybe... Oh, I have a suggestion: Why don't you take out the two [ycard="TLM-EN038"]Brain Control[/ycard]s and trade them to me. :-O
  10. sirch1964

    sirch1964 Don't fear da Reaper

    I need to get the second one first. Still trying to track one down on trades.
  11. Jason_C

    Jason_C Banned

    Let me know if you find one. I'll make a better offer than you, and get it first :)

  12. sirch1964

    sirch1964 Don't fear da Reaper

    hahahahahhahhahahhahahhahhahhahaahahha, not!!
  13. Jason_C

    Jason_C Banned

    I tried. Goodbye, I have to do Algebra 2.

  14. Vampiric Cthulhu

    Vampiric Cthulhu New Member

    Oooh, I like this deck, just a few things I want to add...

    1. [ycard="DB2-EN235"]Call of the Mummy[/ycard] is horribly over-rated. Even in a pure Zombie deck with a lot of tributes, it only has any real use at the beginning of the game. I would take out at least 1 of them.

    2. I don't see why [ycard="DR1-EN043"]Barrel Behind the Door[/ycard] is Maindecked. It's a great Sidedeck card, but the only cards widely played outside of a burn deck that you'll be able to use it against are [ycard="DR1-EN095"]Wave-Motion Cannon[/ycard] and [ycard="PSV-EN030"]Ceasefire[/ycard]. I would suggest dropping it for a [ycard="DB2-EN201"]Bottomless Trap Hole[/ycard] or a 2nd [ycard="DCR-102"]Sakuretsu Armor[/ycard].

    3. 1 Zombie I have come to really like a lot since the new Banlist went up is [ycard="PGD-030"]Des Lacooda[/ycard]. A reusable card-drawing engine is always nice, so I would suggest at least trying him out.

    Anyway, very solid zombie deck here, let me know how it works out for you...
  15. DragonS

    DragonS New Member

    As I know [ycard="DR1-EN043"]Barrel Behind the Door[/ycard] does not work with [ycard="DR1-EN095"]Wave-Motion Cannon[/ycard] and works with [ycard="PSV-EN030"]Ceasefire[/ycard] but again only under conditions.
  16. BenjaminMS

    BenjaminMS The Kozaky show

    Mmm... he is not the first one. But nevermind about that: nice move Sirch.
    Sirch, one advise: if you are going with [ycard="AST-013"]Vampire Lady[/ycard], try to lay a hand on 1-2 [ycard="SYE-038"]Mystic Plasma Zone[/ycard]s, to increase her Attack. And what DragonS says is true. Maybe you should consider something else for that (like the MPZ's).
    Good luck Sirch.
  17. Vampiric Cthulhu

    Vampiric Cthulhu New Member

    Oops, my bad :embarasse . But my point still stands, [ycard="DR1-EN043"]Barrel Behind the Door[/ycard] is best in the side-deck...

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