2015: The Year of the Blockbuster

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    LaserDiscs were the transitional form of media between VHS and DVD, which lasted about a week. (Okay, probably longer than a week, but you get the idea.) It wasn't very widespread in any other part of the world outside of Southeast Asia. They were basically giant DVDs, about the size of a 33 LP record. They were expensive. Their players were expensive. So they just never took off. When media centers still existed, I remember finding a boxed set with both the Terminator and Judgment Day (the only Terminator movies that existed at the time) for around $100. :skull:

    Here's a picture of one. Keep in mind, these things were about the size of a vinyl LP. Movie buffs used to LOVE them. And I understand there's still a lot of anime on them that hasn't made it's way to DVD yet.
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