A guide of how to make a Crystal Beast deck

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    Mods, if this topic doesn't belong here, please move it to whatever section is the best. I don't know so I put it in the main section.

    Now, these Crystal Beast will be popular JUST LIKE the current Six Samurai decks. So people will be FLOODING with decks of this along with alot of them having poor builds with random cards. (No, you do NOT put EVERYSINGLE card of the type in and hope that it'll work. Some of the supports are crap and not worth your deckspace)

    NOTE: I'll be using JPN text and name for now. I don't know the offical English names along with the English text. HOWEVER, I will call them Crystal Beast since that's offical.

    Also, before anything, some BASIC rulings. (I'm sure these will get posted once they get released)

    #1: The player with the control the Cyrstal Beast is sent to Graveyard would choose to let this card put in their
    OWN M/T zone or not (not the owner) This means if your foe snatch steal, and then gets destroyed, yep. they can choose to send it to your graveyard, or put it on THEIR own s/t zone. (If they don't want Crystal Beast fueling in your grave)

    #2: Destroyed means either destroyed by battle OR card effect. As long as it's destroyed, and it's NOT remove from play WHILE still on the field, (e.g. Bottomless Trap Hole, D.D. Warrior Lady, DDA, etc.) you can choose to go to your graveyard, or s/t zone. And when you choose to go to the s/t zone, Crystal Beast monsters never hit the graveyard.

    #3: Crystal Beasts on the s/t zone are considered as CONTINUOUS SPELL cards and NOT monsters. (No rainbow Ruin 3rd effect or Manticore of Darkness) And it's also considered as being on your s/t zone, and NOT considered as you activated a Continuous Spell card when it goes to your s/t zone. And while these monsters are on your s/t zone, they have absolutely no effect.

    #4: When a Crystal Beast card that's even on the s/t zone is sent to the graveyard, it's still considered as a monster sent to the graveyard. (This kills the Hamon strat. Since Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder requires 3 continuous Spell cards sent from field to grave. Yes, Crystal Beast ARE considered continuous spell cards, but when they are sent to the graveyard, they're considered as monsters being sent to the graveyard. Sorry, this strat is out) This means, s/t zone Crystal Beast monsters will be RFP when destroyed if Dimensional Fissure is in play.

    #5: When Dimensional Fissure/Banisher of Radiance/MacroCosmos/etc. is on the field, when Crystal Beast monsters are destroyed on the field, the controller can choose to go either to the grave or their s/t zone. If they pick the s/t zone, it is NOT RFP. However, if they choose to send it to the grave, THEN it's RFP.

    First of all. The monsters. I'll rate the good and the bad. What's worth adding and what's crap.

    Good Crystal Beast monster

    #1: S Rank: Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus
    Wind / Beast / Star 4 / Effect / 1800ATK / 1200DEF

    When this card is Summoned, you can put 1 "Crystal Beast" monster from your hand, Deck, or Graveyard face-up in your Spell & Trap Card Zone as a Continuous Spell Card. If this card is destroyed while it is a monster, instead of sending it to the Graveyard you can move it to your Spell & Trap Card Zone face up as a Continuous Spell Card.

    This is definately the best Crystal Beast monster and the B&B of your ENTIRE DECK. And the fact that you can't search this baby cause it's a Beast monster with 1800ATK, means you MUST RUN 3x. If you don't have 3x, don't even bother making it. (It's like running 3x Grandmaster is also a must for Six Samurai deck)

    Also note that it just says Summoned. This includes EVERYTHING. That's normal summon, special summon AND Flip Summon. (I don't know, you might Book of Moon your Pegasus. However, being flipped face-up does NOT count) This card is instant 1+ on your field by adding a Cyrstal Beast on your field. While it might sound "nothing" at first since those s/t have no effect, adding your s/t Crystal Beast is the key of alot of support card you need to use. When you read the whole thing, you can see just how helpful this effec is. Not to mention it picks cards from ANYWHERE, hand/deck/graveyard. If you want a specific Cyrstal Beast on your s/t zone, you can pick from hand or graveyard instead of the usual Deck. Not to mention if your Crystal Beast ran out in your deck, you can always pick your hand or graveyard.


    #2: A Rank: Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger
    Earth / Beast / Star 4 / Effect / 1600ATK / 1000DEF

    When this card attacks opponent's monster, increase this card attack by 400 points during damage calculations. If this card is destroyed while it is a monster, instead of sending it to the Graveyard you can move it to your Spell & Trap Card Zone face up as a Continuous Spell Card.

    Actually, this card isn't that great. However, compared to OTHER Crystal Beast monsters, this card is the 2nd best. It just shows just how poor the overall Crystal Beast monsters really are. The reason why this one is up here cause when you attack a monster, it's ATK stat is 2000. That'll kill everything but GP Spy, Cyber Dragon, or Monarch/Jinzo. And with this deck's overall poor monster effects, (with the exception of Sapphire Pegasus) it needs it. I would say run at least 2x but prefer 3x for aggro rush.

    #3: A- Rank: Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle
    Light / Fairy / Star 3 / Effect / 300ATK / 300DEF

    When this card is successfully special summoned, you can special summon as many [Gem Beast] monsters as you can from your Magic/Trap card zone. If this card is destroyed while it is a monster, instead of sending it to the Graveyard you can move it to your Spell & Trap Card Zone face up as a Continuous Spell Card.

    Although the weakest stat, perhaps the most powerful one. However, the weak stat does make it a 3rd rank instead. Not to mention the effect requires a specific condition. However, special summong a Crystal Beast is quite easy so it's not a prob. This card is the core if you want to make an aggro rush Crystal Beast deck. This card can literally make your monster field into 5x monsters in one shot by just this one monster being special summoned. Another words, this card is a built-in RftDD/Dimension Fusion in a monster form if played correctly. This card can create ALOT of OTK situations if your foe is running of of cards to play and thus not great of a field presence. To play it correctly, simplify the field, special summon this guy, and then Heavy Storm for the win. (All of your Crystal Beast should be out of your s/t zone when it's summoned anyway) If you got Rainbow Ruin and have 3 or more s/t Crystal Beast left even after Ruby swarm, then you don't even NEED Heavy Storm.

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