Burn Deck of the New Meta! (maybe)

Discussion in 'Advanced Format Decks (YGO)' started by CardsOfTheHeart, Oct 13, 2005.

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    I've been having many a discussion with several people as to how the burn deck should be ran in this new format. After careful deliberation, here is my version of a good burn deck:

    --16 Monsters
    2 [ycard="IOC-SE4"]Lava Golem[/ycard]
    2 [ycard="AST-032"]Solar Flare Dragon[/ycard]
    3 [ycard="IOC-068"]Stealth Bird[/ycard]
    2 [ycard="MFC-077"]Des Koala[/ycard]
    2 [ycard="DR1-EN024"]Spirit Reaper[/ycard]
    1 [ycard="PGD-030"]Des Lacooda[/ycard]
    1 [ycard="DR1-EN237"]Tsukuyomi[/ycard]
    1 [ycard="PGD-021"]Swarm of Scarabs[/ycard]
    1 [ycard="SYE-018"]Sangan[/ycard]
    1 [ycard="TP4-002"]Morphing Jar[/ycard]
    --14 Spells
    3 [ycard="SRL-EN102"]Messenger of Peace[/ycard]
    2 [ycard="AST-092"]Level Limit - Area B[/ycard]
    1 [ycard="SD1-EN014"]Swords of Revealing Light[/ycard]
    1 [ycard="SDJ-041"]Scapegoat[/ycard]
    1 [ycard="PGD-035"]Book of Moon[/ycard]
    2 [ycard="DR1-EN095"]Wave-Motion Cannon[/ycard]
    1 [ycard="PSV-EN037"]Premature Burial[/ycard]
    1 [ycard="SRL-EN047"]Mystical Space Typhoon[/ycard]
    1 [ycard="SDJ-032"]Giant Trunade[/ycard]
    1 [ycard="SDY-022"]Dark Hole[/ycard]
    --11 Traps
    3 [ycard="FET-EN052"]Threatening Roar[/ycard]
    2 [ycard="MRD-EN127"]Solemn Judgment[/ycard]
    2 [ycard="SKE-043"]Just Desserts[/ycard] (my personal preference over [ycard="MFC-046"]Secret Barrel[/ycard])
    1 [ycard="SD3-EN028"]Call of the Haunted[/ycard]
    1 [ycard="PSV-EN030"]Ceasefire[/ycard]
    1 [ycard="DCR-047"]Ojama Trio[/ycard]
    1 [ycard="SD4-EN028"]Gravity Bind[/ycard]

    --Side Deck
    2 [ycard="TLM-EN031"]Des Wombat[/ycard]
    1 [ycard="DB2-EN171"]Injection Fairy Lily[/ycard]
    1 [ycard="SOD-EN011"]Mystic Swordsman LV2[/ycard]
    1 [ycard="WC4-002"]Kinetic Soldier[/ycard]
    1 [ycard="DB2-EN084"]Heavy Storm[/ycard]
    1 [ycard="SDJ-032"]Giant Trunade[/ycard]
    1 [ycard="LOD-EN033"]Emergency Provisions[/ycard]
    1 [ycard="DR1-EN095"]Wave-Motion Cannon[/ycard]
    1 [ycard="PGD-090"]Metamorphosis[/ycard]
    2 [ycard="SDJ-046"]Waboku[/ycard]
    1 [ycard="SD4-EN028"]Gravity Bind[/ycard]
    2 [ycard="PGD-106"]Nightmare Wheel[/ycard]

    --Fusion Deck
    1 [ycard="DB1-EN195"]Thousand-Eyes Restrict[/ycard]
    1 [ycard="CRV-EN035"]Cyber Twin Dragon[/ycard]
    et al.

    Some of this is my own personal spin on things; others are perceived new standards. R/F or do whatever you like with it.
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    I see [ycard="TLM-EN031"]Des Wombat[/ycard], but no DSS?
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    I know, I've gotten that response to this deck, but I personally hate the combo.

    You're only thinking to abuse [ycard="TLM-EN031"]Des Wombat[/ycard]'s effect. Its effect actually offers decent protection from Burn decks (considering the lack of consistent monster removal in a typical Burn deck).
  4. Jason_C

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    If your opponent is playing stall burn (and has any brains at all) they'll either have [ycard="PGD-021"]Swarm of Scarabs[/ycard], or some specialized form of removal. If they're playing speed burn, you may never even draw [ycard="TLM-EN031"]Des Wombat[/ycard].


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