Dragged Down into the Grave

Discussion in 'Rules Questions (YGO)' started by maestro satori, Apr 4, 2005.

  1. maestro satori

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    just looking for clarification

    can I chain a quick play from my hand when I play Dragged Down into the Grave.
    of course I can chain it ( if my oppenent has no response.)

    more to the point will the effect of dragged down into the grave still resolve if my only card was the quickplay card.

    the activation requirements were met. I would see no reason it wouldn't.
    unless the conditions must be present until the card resolves.
  2. chaosruler

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    no, upon resolution of DDitG, if one or both players have no cards in their hands, then DDitG's effect disappears

  3. CraniumX

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    Instead of making a new topic with the same name, I thought I'd just bring this one back up to ask my question.

    If you activate [ycard="DR1-EN246"]Dragged Down into the Grave[/ycard] and either Elephant Statue gets discarded via its effect, the Elephant Statues' effects will not trigger, since Dragged Down in the Grave was your card effect, right?

    I'd actually wish it would, as that would be a wicked combo, but I don't think it will. I told my brother I'd ask just to make sure.
  4. Raijinili

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    Effect controlled by your opponent = effect played on your opponent's side.

    Since [ycard="DR1-EN246"]Dragged Down into the Grave[/ycard] was activated by you, the effect is resolved on your side of the field.

    Just to be clear, it doesn't work.
  5. willyton

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    A question about this card:

    Do the Dark Worlders second effect activate with this card, seeing as how it is your opponent that discards the card?? Or do they not activate because the discardirng is part of the card's effect ??
  6. skey23

    skey23 Council of Heroes

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    You are activating the card, not your opponent. Even though they are choosing the monster, it's still YOUR effect that is discarding them. As such, the 2nd effect of the Dark World monsters will not be activated.

    Hope this helps!

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