Enter the Dark World v.1

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  1. Qonol

    Qonol New Member

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    2|Een|[ycard="EEN-EN020"]Beiige, Vanguard of Dark World[/ycard]
    2|Een|[ycard="EEN-EN024"]Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World[/ycard]
    1|Mfc|[ycard="DR1-EN126"]Breaker the Magical Warrior[/ycard]
    3|Een|[ycard="EEN-EN021"]Broww, Huntsman of Dark World[/ycard]
    2|Een|[ycard="EEN-EN022"]Brron, Mad King of Dark World[/ycard]
    1|Tp4|[ycard="TP4-002"]Morphing Jar[/ycard]
    2|Een|[ycard="EEN-EN025"]Scarr, Scout of Dark World[/ycard]
    1|Lon|[ycard="LON-EN065"]Dark Necrofear[/ycard]
    1|Mrd|[ycard="DB1-EN163"]Magician of Faith[/ycard]
    1|Dcr|[ycard="DR1-EN189"]D.D. Warrior Lady[/ycard]
    1|Lod|[ycard="SD5-EN010"]Exiled Force[/ycard]

    Spells: 15
    1|Een|[ycard="EEN-EN038"]Dark World Lightning[/ycard]
    1|Een|[ycard="EEN-EN048"]Gateway to Dark World[/ycard]
    1|Pgd|[ycard="DB2-EN232"]Book of Moon[/ycard]
    1|Sdy|[ycard="SYE-032"]Card Destruction[/ycard]
    1|Fet|[ycard="FET-EN037"]A Feather of the Phoenix[/ycard]
    1|Mrd|[ycard="SD2-EN019"]Heavy Storm[/ycard]
    1|Lob|[ycard="SDP-026"]Dark Hole[/ycard]
    1|Lob|[ycard="SYE-039"]Swords of Revealing Light[/ycard]
    1|Mrl|[ycard="DB1-EN021"]Snatch Steal[/ycard]
    1|Fet|[ycard="SD5-EN030"]Lightning Vortex[/ycard]
    2|Mrd|[ycard="MRD-EN057"]Tribute to The Doomed[/ycard]
    1|Mrl|[ycard="DB1-EN031"]Mystical Space Typhoon[/ycard]
    1|Psv|[ycard="SKE-039"]Premature Burial[/ycard]

    Traps: 6
    2|Crv|[ycard="CRV-EN059"]Dimension Wall[/ycard]
    1|Lon|[ycard="DB1-EN228"]Torrential Tribute[/ycard]
    1|Psv|[ycard="PSV-EN012"]Call of the Haunted[/ycard]
    1|Een|[ycard="EEN-EN051"]The Forces of Darkness[/ycard]

    Hey this is a idea I prepped, it would mean so much if you guyz would help me fix this deck.
  2. Vampiric Cthulhu

    Vampiric Cthulhu New Member

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    -1 [ycard="FL1-EN003"]Kuriboh[/ycard]
    -1 [ycard="DB2-EN004"]Dark Necrofear[/ycard]
    -1 [ycard="FET-EN037"]A Feather of the Phoenix[/ycard]
    -1 [ycard="SD5-EN030"]Lightning Vortex[/ycard]
    -2 [ycard="SKE-035"]Tribute to The Doomed[/ycard]
    -2 [ycard="CRV-EN059"]Dimension Wall[/ycard]

    +2 [ycard="EEN-EN023"]Sillva, Warlord of Dark World[/ycard]
    +2 [ycard="EEN-EN048"]Gateway to Dark World[/ycard]
    +1 [ycard="LOD-EN081"]Creature Swap[/ycard]
    +1 [ycard="EEN-EN038"]Dark World Lightning[/ycard]
    +1 [ycard="DB1-EN232"]Card of Safe Return[/ycard]
    +1 [ycard="EEN-EN052"]Dark Deal[/ycard]

    First off, cards that make you discard as a cost (i.e. [ycard="SKE-035"]Tribute to The Doomed[/ycard], [ycard="SD5-EN030"]Lightning Vortex[/ycard]) don't activate the effect of the Dark World Monsters, so they should be dropped.

    I suggested dropping Necrofear because she somewhat conflicts with one of the strong points of the Dark Worlders, their awesome recursion ability via [ycard="EEN-EN048"]Gateway to Dark World[/ycard]. To further augment that, I suggest [ycard="DB1-EN232"]Card of Safe Return[/ycard], which will let you draw cards everytime your Darkworlders are special summoned by their effect, so that they're basically just replacing themselves, plus whenever you use [ycard="EEN-EN048"]Gateway to Dark World[/ycard] or another revival card, you'll be getting a free draw.

    [ycard="LOD-EN081"]Creature Swap[/ycard] was added just because of how devestating it can be when combined with [ycard="TP4-002"]Morphing Jar[/ycard] and the Dark Worlders (If MJ gets flipped while on your opponents side of the field, it counts as being your opponent's effect...)
  3. Qonol

    Qonol New Member

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    ok thanks, i didn't know that..
  4. Inuyasha_Riku

    Inuyasha_Riku the drumming duelist

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    wow..i like the deck...but like VC sed, u mite wanna add that dark dea to get the full power of ur goldd and silva...other than that, looks good...ill be watching ur deck closely to figure out how to make mine when i get the cards...lol...
  5. Qonol

    Qonol New Member

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    Enter the Dark World v.2

    3|Een|[ycard="EEN-EN024"]Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World[/ycard]
    2|Een|[ycard="EEN-EN023"]Sillva, Warlord of Dark World[/ycard]
    2|Een|[ycard="EEN-EN022"]Brron, Mad King of Dark World[/ycard]
    3|Een|[ycard="EEN-EN021"]Broww, Huntsman of Dark World[/ycard]
    1|Tp4|[ycard="DB2-EN104"]Morphing Jar[/ycard]
    1|Mfc|[ycard="TP7-EN005"]Breaker the Magical Warrior[/ycard]
    1|Mrd|[ycard="DB1-EN163"]Magician of Faith[/ycard]
    1|Dcr|[ycard="DCR-027"]D.D. Warrior Lady[/ycard]
    1|Lod|[ycard="DB2-EN143"]Exiled Force[/ycard]

    3|Een|[ycard="EEN-EN038"]Dark World Lightning[/ycard]
    2|Een|[ycard="EEN-EN048"]Gateway to Dark World[/ycard]
    1|Sdy|[ycard="SYE-032"]Card Destruction[/ycard]
    2|Lon|[ycard="SD2-EN018"]Card of Safe Return[/ycard]
    1|Mrd|[ycard="SD4-EN019"]Heavy Storm[/ycard]
    1|Lob|[ycard="DB1-EN113"]Dark Hole[/ycard]
    1|Mrd|[ycard="MRD-EN059"]The Cheerful Coffin[/ycard]
    1|Lob|[ycard="SYE-039"]Swords of Revealing Light[/ycard]
    1|Mrl|[ycard="SRL-EN036"]Snatch Steal[/ycard]
    1|Mrl|[ycard="SDP-032"]Mystical Space Typhoon[/ycard]
    1|Psv|[ycard="SD3-EN018"]Premature Burial[/ycard]

    1|Lon|[ycard="SD4-EN030"]Torrential Tribute[/ycard]
    1|Psv|[ycard="PSV-EN012"]Call of the Haunted[/ycard]
    1|Een|[ycard="EEN-EN051"]The Forces of Darkness[/ycard]
    1|Dod|[ycard="DOD-003"]Widespread Ruin[/ycard]
    1|Crv|[ycard="CRV-EN059"]Dimension Wall[/ycard]
    2|Dcr|[ycard="DR1-EN264"]Sakuretsu Armor[/ycard]
    1|Een|[ycard="EEN-EN052"]Dark Deal[/ycard]

    I redone with fixes, and it looks ok.

  6. masterwoo0

    masterwoo0 NINJA4LIFE

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    [ycard="SD2-EN018"]Card of Safe Return[/ycard] will work, but be aware of the potential for drastic failure if your opponent hits you with [ycard="SYE-032"]Card Destruction[/ycard], [ycard="DB2-EN104"]Morphing Jar[/ycard], [ycard="PGD-029"]Don Zaloog[/ycard], [ycard="DR1-EN024"]Spirit Reaper[/ycard], [ycard="RDS-EN021"]Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch[/ycard], [ycard="DCR-084"]Dragged Down into the Grave[/ycard], or [ycard="DB1-EN023"]Confiscation[/ycard]. The timing will be incorrect to allow you to draw because the last thing to happen will be the sending and/or destroying of 2 cards.

    Otherwise, as long as it remains on the field, you can count on [ycard="EEN-EN048"]Gateway to Dark World[/ycard] and the other recursion effects to trigger it.
  7. netwt

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    You may consider changing the [ycard="SYE-039"]Swords of Revealing Light[/ycard], for the [ycard="SD5-EN031"]Swords of Concealing Light[/ycard], that will help you to activate [ycard="EEN-EN038"]Dark World Lightning[/ycard] if need to.

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