Fantasic 4 review thing. (spoilers)

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    Trying not to say to much about the movie here so I won't be going in to the back stories of the characters.
    But will be trying to give a brief over view of the movie. But this will contain some plot details

    From the off set the film is very heavy on it's narrative maybe to heavy. The movie is very story driven and seems to take ages for anything of actual interest to take place.

    The movie feels padded, The bit where Ben and Reed are children could gave been dropped along with part from the science fair.

    The movie does a poor job of bringing characters in the movie nothing feels natural about there introduction like how Sue and Frankling storm just happen to be at the same science fair as Reed and Ben.

    Victor is brought in at some point but doesn't really serve any purpose other than show how much of a jerk he is oh and that he has thing for Sue.

    The movie tries to build a romance between Sue and Reed but it never seems to go beyond mild flirting but Victor is jealous of Reed because Reed is better friends with Sue than he is.

    the movie goes in to slow paced montage of them building the transporter.

    The movie moves in the part with the accident that gave the fantastic four and doom their powers, This also traps doom in the other dimension for a year.

    It's at this point the movie slows down to show of the powers of the FF.(well a much as they can in a lab with Sue and Johny being out cold and Ben at this point being a pile of rocks)
    Reed escapes the lab and runs off promising Ben he'll be back for them.

    The movie jumps forward a year.

    With out going in the fine details.
    Ben works for the military as a naked rock soldier.
    Sue and Johny have been given special suits to help control their powers.
    Reed has gone into hiding and is trying to build a transporter so he can go back to the other dimension(earth zero) and find a cure for his friends.

    The military have payed for a second transporter be made so they can harness the energy of the other dimension and give their soldiers powers and find a cure.

    But they can't make the transporter work without Reed.
    The movie trudges around a bit they manage to find Reed take him back to base and he fixes the problem.

    A team goes to the other dimension and find that Doom is still alive.

    Doom now has powerful telekinetic powers, hes also fussed with his protective suit oh and after a year of living on nothing but pure energy for a year he's gone mad.

    This is where the movie decides it's time for the big end battle.

    I won't go into to much detail.

    But the main details are.
    Doom decides humanity has squandered the earths resources and to protect earth zero from humanities greed the world must be destroyed.

    So he goes back to Earth zero and makes rift between dimensions causing a black hole type effect, which starts tearing the earth apart.

    The FF go to earth zero have a fight with doom, Doom dies and the world is saved.

    The FF get a new base to work out of.


    The movie isn't bad, it's just not over whelming either.
    It just starts and kind of ends.

    It's better than FF rise of the silver surfer, but isn't as good as the original FF movie.
    It's best described as average. If you haven't seen it I'd wait for the DVD release.

    But a sequel is coming in 2018 so maybe Doom isn't dead.
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    This was the movie I did for my first review video. (Well, Civil War was supposed to be the first. But my video software fell through and by the time I got a workaround, it was August.) My perspective on it was that the editing completely ignored anything the director intended. You could tell where things had been truncated and spliced in prematurely. The movie was actually doing fine until right around the accident sequence. Then you got the sense that someone somewhere thought the movie needed to happen faster, when in reality, it needed to to take it's time developing the consequences of the accident. You can check out my review here. I didn't hate it. I didn't think it was bad enough that it shouldn't have done better than it did at the box office. I just don't think it was strong enough to be an ongoing franchise, without a major overhaul.

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