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    hello i will finish my haves list on as soon as possible.

    rarity isn't that big of a deal to me but i will trade more for rarer cards.

    -no spamming
    -no flaming
    -no cursing
    -will only ship to united states might ship to canada if the trade is good enough.
    -ship in hard toploader sleeve(taped top) so cards stay in good condition - i will do the same.
    -don't post one sided trades
    -if you would llike to buy some cards just post how much your willing to pay for it.
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    You'll need to refer to the Announcement: Trading Forums Guidelines and Rules and the Sticky: Read before posting. and follow the guidelines there following the four post rule. I'll keep this thread open for you and you can edit this one. When your done, I'll just move my post out of the way.
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    ultimates of any of these cards would be fine


    2 [ycard="EEN-EN037"]Pot of Avarice[/ycard]
    2 solemn judgement
    3 fusilier the dual-mode beast
    3 [ycard="WC4-003"]Slate Warrior[/ycard]
    1 [ycard="PGD-107"]Lava Golem[/ycard]
    1 [ycard="CRV-EN036"]Cyber End Dragon[/ycard]
    1 cyberstien
    1 [ycard="CRV-EN015"]Cyber Dragon[/ycard]
    2 aincient gear golem
    1 aincient gear beast
    1 hamon lord of striking thunder
    1 uria lord of searing flames
    2 [ycard="DR2-EN149"]Enemy Controller[/ycard]
    1 destiny hero captain tenacious
    1 ring of destruction (pgd)
    2 exchange (eds aka original promo)
    1 morphing jar
    1 thestalos the firstorm monarch (original super)

    any early super rares or higher
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    all cards are mint unless listed other wise. if you don't see a card that you want just ask.

    ultimate rares
    2 [ycard="RDS-EN041"]Machine Duplication[/ycard] (rds)
    1 [ycard="SOI-EN060"]Malfunction[/ycard] (soi)
    1 [ycard="SOI-EN011"]Adhesive Explosive[/ycard](soi)
    1 [ycard="DP1-EN021"]Skyscraper[/ycard] (crv)
    1 [ycard="DR2-EN171"]Kozaky[/ycard] self destruct button (tlm)
    2 [ycard="DP2-EN015"]Ojama King[/ycard] (sod)
    1 [ycard="SOD-EN027"]Mind on Air[/ycard] (sod)
    1 [ycard="FET-EN056"]Assault on GHQ[/ycard] (fet)
    1 spell-stopping staute (tlm)

    Secret rares
    2 [ycard="DB2-EN177"]Yata-Garasu[/ycard] (1st ed. misprint)
    2 [ycard="RDS-ENSE4"]Vampire Lord[/ycard] (dcr)
    1 [ycard="LOB-EN125"]Gaia the Dragon Champion[/ycard] (lob has some creases)
    1 [ycard="PGD-107"]Lava Golem[/ycard] (pgd)
    2 [ycard="DB2-EN123"]Insect Queen[/ycard] (1 misprint)
    2 sinister serpant (sdd)
    1 [ycard="DB2-EN171"]Injection Fairy Lily[/ycard](1st ed.)
    1 [ycard="DB2-EN110"]Total Defense Shogun[/ycard] (ct1)
    3 [ycard="EEN-ENSE2"]The Creator[/ycard] (een)
    3 Harpies Feather Duster (sdd)
    1 [ycard="WC4-001"]Fairy King Truesdale[/ycard] (wc4)
    1 [ycard="MC1-EN005"]Dark Necrofear[/ycard] (mc1)
    1 [ycard="CT2-EN003"]Vorse Raider[/ycard] (ct2)
    2 [ycard="DB2-EN111"]Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight[/ycard] (ct1)
    1 [ycard="CT2-EN002"]Exarion Universe[/ycard] (ct2)
    1 [ycard="TLM-ENSE1"]Invader of Darkness[/ycard] (ioc)
    1 serpant night dragon (mrl)
    1 metal morph(fmr) <excessive wear>
    1 diffusion wave motion (mfc) <1st ed.>
    1 [ycard="DB1-EN142"]Summoned Skull[/ycard] (bpt-002)
    1 [ycard="RDS-ENSE2"]Dark Magician Girl[/ycard] (ct2)
    1 [ycard="SD2-ENDE1"]Rope of Life[/ycard] (sd2- sped1)
    1 [ycard="DDS-005"]Acid Trap Hole[/ycard] (dds)
    1 [ycard="ROD-EN001"]Dark Magician Knight[/ycard] (rod)
    1 knights title (rod)
    3 [ycard="PSV-EN104"]Imperial Order[/ycard] (psv) <1:1st ed 1:slightly damaged>
    1 [ycard="SRL-EN029"]Relinquished[/ycard] (mc1)
    1 [ycard="FL1-EN001"]Blue-Eyes White Dragon[/ycard] (bpt-009)
    1 [ycard="FL1-EN001"]Blue-Eyes White Dragon[/ycard] (bpt-003)
    1 [ycard="DR2-EN168"]Mazera DeVille[/ycard] (ast)
    1 [ycard="SOD-EN015"]Armed Dragon LV7[/ycard] (sd1-ende1)
    1 [ycard="CT2-EN001"]Gilford the Lightning[/ycard] (ct1)
    2 obelisk the tormentor (shonenjump) <1:bend on left side>
    1 [ycard="CT2-EN006"]Panther Warrior[/ycard] (ct2)
    2 silent swordsman (een)
    1red-eyes black dragon (bpt-005)
    1 [ycard="FL1-EN001"]Blue-Eyes White Dragon[/ycard] (fl1)
    1 judgement of anubis (dcr)
    2 [ycard="JMP-EN005"]Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon[/ycard] (shonen jump)
    1 [ycard="EDS-001"]Exchange[/ycard] (eds)

    Ultra rares
    1 [ycard="SOI-EN007"]Cyber Laser Dragon[/ycard] (soi)
    2 [ycard="DR2-EN081"]Insect Princess[/ycard] (ioc)
    1 [ycard="SYE-024"]Black Luster Soldier[/ycard] - envoy of the begining (ioc)
    1 [ycard="SYE-024"]Black Luster Soldier[/ycard] (yugi evo)
    2 relinqueshed (mrl)

    super rares
    1 demise, king of armeggedon(soi)
    1 [ycard="LOD-EN023"]Exiled Force[/ycard]
    2 [ycard="LON-EN062"]Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer[/ycard]
    2 [ycard="IOC-012"]D.D. Scout Plane[/ycard]
    2 grave keepers chief (pgd)
    1 [ycard="PGD-084"]Necrovalley[/ycard] (reprint)
    1 goldd, wu lord of dark world (elemental energy)
    2 [ycard="DB2-EN147"]Reinforcement of the Army[/ycard]

    I have many many more cards if you don't see it just ask I probably have it or can get it.
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    You forgot your fourth post, germinies. Your Current Commerce post. Add that in and people will start hitting this thread up with requests. Everyone's cautious about the rules nowadays. ;)

    I'll deleted my two posts after you do.
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