Fantasy Kristania: Beloved of the Gods - Chapter 2; The World of Lietine

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    The World of Lietine - Chapter 2

    In all the glories of the galaxies and plenty of worlds ever created none was more beautiful and more fascinating than the Planet Lietine. This planet is sorrounded by two moon's which makes for a much brighter night than that of your current planet. But because of this, the planet has only two seasons, Winter and Summer. Though the summers here are much cooler than what you are probably used to it makes great weather for harvesting crops that require little humidity. The planet when first formed through the grace and profound glory of the Gods made sure to leave each are up to its inhabitants. And so, as the Human race of this world started to advance in hunting, technology, and other fields of study one thing remained in the minds and hearts of the inhabitants.

    They wanted to be like their creators.

    This society is not one to be immune from the clutches of greed, lothfulness, selfishness, and all manner of Evil acts. On the contrary because of the powers that be this world was very much corrupt with evil. And so the Birth of the Evil weapons and Non-Weapons came to be.

    The first Weapon and Wielder team to ever stumble onto the harvesting of Evil souls were the first be come like the Gods... But they were never Gods themselves. They were immortal and they could travel from World to World and not be affected at all by the cruelty of age. Yet, even they at one point decided to learn... They started to learn the Many arts found in the many worlds the Gods had created until they returned to their home.

    Upon arrival they were feared by all those that were evil. None were able to contest against them... but they were alone. and so she said "Do you think it would be wise to teach the mortal ones?"

    His response was, "Well we have lived for thousands of years. All our old friends have past away. And everyday somebody attempts to kill us" as he chuckled at the fact they could never die.

    She then said, "Then so be it we will establish a city and name it Kristania after our daughter who was murdered. And in this city we will place a Academy, Lah AhKahdehMeaH for Weapons and Wielders found just north of Kristania."

    He then said, "so let it be...."

    As the two started chanting what sounded like a ritual chant the building started to ressurect from the ground. Its halls decorated with some of the finest material that could be gathered. Its courtyard as grand as the building it self. And just like that, the couple opened its doors and stated to the people... "Come! come! and any couple willing to be like us will be thought."

    Many years past, and many of the students reached new heights and potentials. Many couples became just like the founders of this Academy. Until...

    One couple on the verge to become Exalted had its chance taken away... this couple out of spite killed a Good couple and took its soul. "Nobody said you had to be good" they said. They were the first to become exalted through the souls of a good pair. When word of this reached the ears of the founders. They met with the couple to ultimately put an end to this madness... unfortunately they did not know this couple could also not die. And so at the last moment when they thought they were about to kill their prey... they became stone. The founders were trapped. And the heads of the Academy did not know what to do. All the exalted couples started to hunt this Evil couple and all started to fall.

    When the Gods saw this they challenged the couple, the couple could not die and the Gods knew this. So the Gods were aware of what was happening and so they ripped their souls from their bodies. the Soul could not be destroyed... but the body. See the Gods were more powerful and more cunning than any force in the galaxies. But not even they could break the rules of immortality. So souls were all that were left of them never aging, never dying, and imprisoned.

    But imprisonedment can only last for so long...

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