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Discussion in 'Advanced Format Decks (YGO)' started by Kaskrin, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. Kaskrin

    Kaskrin New Member

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    Hey everybody. This is my first real tournament deck I made. Well, tell me what you think :D
    Note: I am a a newb and my collection of cards isn't that big, so don't expect to much.

    Monsters: (23)

    3x [YCARD="Dark Necrofear"]Dark Necrofear[/YCARD]

    2x [YCARD="Dark Ruler Ha Des"]Dark Ruler Ha Des[/YCARD]

    3x [YCARD="Kuriboh"]Kuriboh[/YCARD]
    3x [YCARD="Giant Germ"]Giant Germ[/YCARD]
    1x [YCARD="Sangan"]Sangan[/YCARD]
    1x [YCARD="Spirit Reaper"]Spirit Reaper[/YCARD]
    1x [YCARD="Night Assailent"]Night Assailent[/YCARD]
    3x [YCARD="Goblin King"]Goblin King[/YCARD]
    3x [YCARD="Slate Warrior"]Slate Warrior[/YCARD]
    3x [YCARD="La Jin The Mystical Genie of the Lamp"][size=-1]La Jin The Mystical Genie of the Lamp[/size][/YCARD]

    Spell Cards: (10)

    1x [YCARD="Premature Burial"]Premature Burial[/YCARD]
    1x [YCARD="Swords of revealing light"]Swords of revealing light[/YCARD]
    1x [YCARD="Heavy Storm"]Heavy Storm[/YCARD]
    1x [YCARD="Mystical Space Tyfoon"]Mystical Space Tyfoon[/YCARD]
    1x [YCARD="Book of Moon"]Book of Moon[/YCARD]
    3x [YCARD="Dark World Lightning"]Dark World Lightning[/YCARD]
    2x [YCARD="Multiply"]Multiply[/YCARD]

    Traps: (7)
    1x [YCARD="Mirror Force "]Mirror Force [/YCARD]
    1x [YCARD="Call of The Haunted"]Call of The Haunted[/YCARD]
    3x [YCARD="Jar Of Greed"]Jar Of Greed[/YCARD]
    1x [YCARD="Torrential Tribute"]Trorential Tribute[/YCARD]
    1x [YCARD="Birthright"]Birthright[/YCARD]
  2. John Danker

    John Danker Administrator

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    I think most of those who play fiend decks will probably give you the advice that 3 Dark Necrofear is too much. 2 copies seem to be optimal from most of our experiences.

    Rather than La Jinn, I'd suggest Giant Orcs

    Call of the Haunted and / or Premature Burial to get Dark Necrofear back out on the field.

    Three copies of Kuriboh may be overkill. Try a copy of Mask Of Darkness to replace one Kuriboh.

    You want to put fiends in the graveyard, try Card Destruction and / or Morphing Jar.

    I'm sure our local resident Fiend expert Dillie-O will have helpful comments should he happen up this thread, as well you may want to check his website devoted to Fiend affectionatos! You can find that website at the following link....
  3. Peps

    Peps Irish Duelist

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    You know, for someone who's new to the game, you've actually done a fairly good job. Also, since you're collection is limited, I'll reduce my suggestions to those of commons and rares that are easy to obtain.

    Right firstly, Dark Necrofear appears to be your main aim, that's a definate. So then, getting Dark Necrofear out as soon as possible would be the main goal. As John said, I wouldn't be too keen either running three copies of Dark Necrofear. One copy would already be a challenge early game to get out. While it may be one of the primary purposes of the deck, by the time you've fueled your graveyard with fiends, the odds are you'll draw into a copy of Dark Necrofear by then.

    I also noticed you're running two Multiply along with three Kuribohs. Multiply has not been released in the TCG and using it in a sanctioned tournament could raise problems. Therefore, I would recommend replacing them with something else.

    Finally, you have three copies of Dark World Lightning added in. If you plan on keeping them in, I would suggest using them to their full potential. In other words, adding in a few Dark World monsters, which are also fiends. Also note that you would be able to swarm for Goblin King.

    Also, John has some great fixes there which you should follow as well.

    Overall, I would suggest the following fixes:

    -3 Kuriboh
    -1 Dark Necrofear
    -2 Multiply
    -1 Birthright

    +3 Sillva, Warlord of Dark World
    +1 Treeborn Frog (just to balance out the number of tributes)
    +1 Snatch Steal
    +1 Morphing Jar
    +1 Card Destruction

    If the fixes don't work immediately, just tweak it to your own preferences. It's your deck after all. :eek:ldwink
  4. Dillie-O

    Dillie-O Council of Heroes

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    Hey Kaskrin, its great to see another fiend deck in the works that is "pure" fiend and not just a pair of Gollds and a Dark Ruler tossed into their deck 8^D I really like the start of this deck and both John and Peps have made some great suggestions. My main question for you is which route you would like to go with the fiend deck. The great thing about fiends is that they are so versatile you can go a few directions with this deck. Here is what I was thinking...

    The triple kuriboh/fuzzball does well to go with Necrofear. Putting 3 Necrofears can always be a risky move, so you keep it at 3 for now and see how reliable it is.

    The first thing I'd do is drop Spirit Reaper for a Mask of Darkness. To some degree, you don't want that much stall on the field since you want to get your graveyard loaded for your Blue Ladies. Putting in Mask of Darkness will help get you a trap card back and also pairs well with Slate Warrior and Night Assailant for the flip target to get.

    I also agree to drop the LaJinns for 3 Giant Orcs. Getting a Slate Warrior flip is often hard to accomplish, so having the Orcs in place will do well to have some strength against the Cyber Dragon's you'll see. Plus you can then use the Orc for Deck Devastation Virus or just to take the hit and fuel Necrofear.

    I would also suggest dropping the two Multiplys for two Flute of Summoning Kuriboh. This was a recent McDonalds promo card that is wonderful! It is a Quick-Play, so you can get a Kuriboh to your hand OR the field during your turn or theirs, provided you set the card. Some of us in the Lair have been experimenting with a 3x Kuribox / 2x Flute combo and it does WONDERS to give you life point protection or a quick tribute monster.

    Dark World Lightning is an interesting play in here. Ususally you want to only use that with a chock full of Dark World monsters, but I could see the potential here for more Necrofood. How is it working for you?

    The trap lineup is looking good. If you go my route with the flutes, I think you could won't have to worry as much about drawing. I'd suggest dropping 2 of them for a Solemn Judgement and Divine Wrath. SJ is kind of a typical "last ditch" negator card and Divine Wrath works great for Night Assailant and stopping your opponents activated effects. While current meta doesn't seem to embrace it, I'm still a big fan of negation in some form to disrupt your opponent's strategies instead of the "I'll whomp you, you whomp me, maybe harder" type lineup that I see.

    With La Jinn gone, I think Birthright could go our for an Interdimensional Matter Transporter. My fiend mentor used to tell me to run as many IMT's as you do Dark Ruler's. While this isn't holding in this deck since you want it Necrofear based, I think it will do wonders to protect your Dark Ruler, Slate Warrior, or even Necrofear if the time isn't quite right for it to take over your opponent's monster. I could also see Return from the Different Dimension in here for a nice finishing move with 4 monsters on the field. The great thing is that you can even special summon the Dark Ruler this way.

    Hopefully I haven't babbled too much here, so here is the "summarized" version of things:

    -1 Slate Warrior
    +1 Mask of Darkness

    -3 La Jinn
    +3 Giant Orc

    -2 Multiply
    +2 Flute of Summoning Kuriboh

    -1 Birthright
    -1/2 Jar of Greed

    +1 Deck Devastation Virus / Return from the Different Dimension / Interdimensional Matter Transporter / Divine Wrath (lots of options, just swap things out so the number added is the same as removed)

    I hope this helps. I'd love to see ya over in the Lair too!
  5. kingpinopie

    kingpinopie Himoura Shinta

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    ok Im a bit confused.... what exactly is multiiply????

    I like the deck, and Dillie-Os suggestions are spot on... ,, very fiendish indeed
  6. cuzwbd

    cuzwbd New Member

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    i second that... i dont know "multiply" either... and the link for the card/netrep does not seem to work right....
  7. Dillie-O

    Dillie-O Council of Heroes

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    I thought Multiply was the card that gave you 5 Kuriboh's for 1. Used when they did that evil Berfomet or whatever fusion of 5 fuzzballs 8^D Netrep wasn't working for me either and I didn't have it in Deck Studio.
  8. orville

    orville Member

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  9. Kaskrin

    Kaskrin New Member

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    Ok guys, thanks for all the help. I got some new cards and I adjusted the deck a little. Now it looks like this:


    2x Dark Necrofear

    3x Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World (does almost the same as Silva I think)

    3x Slate Warrior
    3x Giant Orc
    1x Sangan
    3x Giant Germ
    1x Morphing Jar
    3x Goblin King
    1x Spirit Reaper
    1x Night Assailent
    1x Mask of Darkness
    2x Wall of Illusion (no legendary jutsu master, he is not a fiend type)

    Spell Cards:

    1x Premature Burial
    1x Swords of Revealing Light
    1x Heavy Storm
    1x Mystical Space Tyfoon
    1x Book of Moon
    3x Dark World Lightning
    1x Card Destruction
    2x Dark World Dealings

    Trap Cards:

    1x Mirror Force
    1x Call of the Haunted
    1x Torrential Tribute
    1x Deck Devastation Virus
    1x Jar of Greed

    Some guy told me snatch steal is an forbidden card, is that true?

    Edit: Made some other changes.
  10. Raistlin Majere

    Raistlin Majere New Member

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    Drop the Multiply. You can't use it without Kuriboh, and it isn't a legal card to use.
    Use 2 Mask of Darkness.
    Newdoria is an option or 3 that loves to be sent to the Graveyard.
    Wall of Illusion is a monster, much the same as Legendary Jujitsu Master. A good defensive choice, so is Cyber Archfiend.
    Also, Dark World Dealings may help draw into the card you need and put the fiends in the Graveyard.

    The Flute of Summoning Kuriboh and Kuriboh's are a solid build for this deck, see if you can find the balance.
  11. Dillie-O

    Dillie-O Council of Heroes

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    Snatch Steal is not forbidden, though a lot of folks are thinking it might on the next ban list.

    I think the 2x Dark World Dealings may be going a bit too far with the discard effects to trigger the Goldd (your only monster that will benefit heavily from it) Card Destruction and Morphing Jar already help with that. I'd put in a Snatch Steal and a Metamorphosis in its place. Snatch is always pretty handy and Metamorphosis is a GREAT versatility card to get at some really good fusion monsters.
  12. Necromancer

    Necromancer New Member

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    Trust me, 3X Dark Necrofear, 2X Dark Ruler Ha Des & 3X Dark World Lightning do NOT mix.

    Here's what I would do:
    Monsters: (23)

    3X Dark Necrofear

    2X Dark Ruler Ha Des

    3X Snipe Hunter
    3X Slate Warrior
    3X La Jinn/Giant Orc
    3X Giant Germ
    3X Goblin King
    Night Assailant
    Mask of Darkness

    Spell Cards: (10)

    Dimension Fusion
    Nobleman of Crossout
    Premature Burial
    Swords of Revealing Light
    Heavy Storm
    Mystical Space Typhoon
    Book of Moon
    Snatch Steal/Brain Control
    2X Smashing Ground/Fissure

    Traps: (7)
    2X Return From the Different Dimension
    Mirror Force
    Call of the Haunted
    Torrential Tribute
    2X Jar of Greed

    Just giving you an idea.

    Its silly to run 3X Dark Necrofear without HEAPS of RFG recursion & easy ways of getting your high attackers in the Graveyard.

    Kuribohs + Goblin Kings are also a waste of time, really.

    You should build a side-deck for this & chuck all your "Kuriboh stuff" in there.

    Good luck with this.
  13. Fiendish Envoy

    Fiendish Envoy Member

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    nice deck...keep at it no matter what anyone says because once you perfect it, it will be a very powerful deck.
  14. John Danker

    John Danker Administrator

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    No way....the Envoy returns? <Cartoon shake of the head> IEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEI !

    Where have you been my friend? You disappeared suddenly off the face of the earth. Did something like college consume your life for a couple of years...or was it someone? <wink>

    Wonderful to see you back! Hopefully we'll see you at GenCon Indy!
  15. Fiendish Envoy

    Fiendish Envoy Member

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    hahah nice to see you john

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