Nintendo release a IP?

Discussion in 'Nintendo' started by Sakura Sakamoto, Aug 3, 2015.

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    Yes nintendo as done something revolutionary and launched a new first party IP, it's an online focused third person shooter, where you use paint to splat enemies and paint the town every colour except for red.


    It is a game where you play as humanoid squids trying to cover an area of land in as much of your colour paint as possible in the time limit.
    thats turf wars.

    Then theres splatzones.
    where you have to cover certain areas of the map in your colour and keep them your colour until the counter reaches zero or have the lowest number on the counter before time runs out.

    Theres also tower control where you stand on a tower and try to get it to the goal within the time limit.

    There is a single play which plays like mario sunshine but instead of clean the paint away your splating it every where.

    The enemy in the stroy are the octolings they are humanoid octopus but sadly don't make an appearance in multiplayer as an alternative skin.

    In closing.
    If you have a wii u and a connection to the internet Splatoon is a great game and very addictive.
    I give 8 out 10.

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