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Discussion in 'Pwnd!' started by Digital Jedi, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. Digital Jedi

    Digital Jedi Administrator Staff Member

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  2. Dillie-O

    Dillie-O Council of Heroes

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    ROFL!!! The scary thing is that these people actually exist!

    Keep 'em coming DJ! They give me a great laugh!
  3. DarkLogicianOfCaos

    DarkLogicianOfCaos Eschew Obfuscation

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    And you gave the owner tatts. Modeled after anyone?
  4. Oceanus

    Oceanus New Member

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    Do those shop owners actually negotiate for lower prices on singles?
  5. LordLight2

    LordLight2 New Member

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    A lot will. Just remember to be polite and to give in as well at times.

    Funny stuff DJ! (And a little too dead on)
  6. orville

    orville Member

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    Ha. love it
  7. CraniumX

    CraniumX New Member

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    The truth is out there.
    In fact, it's right here.
  8. citrus`

    citrus` New Member

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    Definitely a good chuckle here.

    It's a shame the stores around here doesn't even carry good rares.
  9. ShioGumai

    ShioGumai New Member

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    That's becase the best rare-sellers are the guys that drive the vans and hold weekend tourneys.....or just know how to meet supply and demand. >.>
  10. theDMKAPF

    theDMKAPF New Member

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    nice dude lol

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